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What's In A NickName?

What’s In A Nickname?

Say what you want, but we’ve all got them – your road name or nickname, depending on what part of the country you live in.  I’ve heard plenty of them over the years, and the best ones, as far as I’m concerned, have a great story behind them. Anybody can buy a bike and choose […]

Groundhawg Day

Groundhawg Day

First, let me state the obvious:  I have no idea where in the world you are reading this. Due to that, I have no idea what the weather looks like there.  Warm, cold, snowy, sunny, whatever.  What I do know is this:  warmer weather is inevitable.  Spring is coming, and its bringing the riding season […]

Too Hot to Ride?

Too Hot To Ride?

I guess I’m getting old. For the last few weeks, it’s literally been too hot to ride. Now, I’m not talking about “hot” the way that a lot of the country has had it – I can well remember a late-summer ride past Joshua Tree in southern California years ago in what was legitimate 100+ […]

Go And Get It

Go And Get It

As I’m prone to do, a few days ago, with the promise of beautiful weather, I broke out the Sportster for a full day’s ride.  A few gallons of gas and a cup of coffee at the gas station was breakfast and in less than an hour, I was on unfamiliar roads in the vast […]

The Damn World’s Gone Crazy

The Damn World’s Gone Crazy

Now, before anyone gets their panties in a wad, let me say this:  I’m not an attorney.  I don’t know the rules about concealed carry in your state, your Province, or your country.  I know them where I live in the Deep South of the United States, and I fully accept that in some countries, […]

Dont Sweat the Small Stuff

Quit Sweating the Small Stuff

Look, we all know that 2020 sucked, period.  There’s no debate on it, but the frightening thing for a lot of us as riders and motorcycle “folks” is this:  we’ve seen how easy it is to get people terrified.  To strip everything away from them and tell them it’s for their own good.  To close […]

Sturgis in the Age Of Corona

Sturgis in the Age Of Corona

It’s interesting that news coverage – which so many times focuses on blood, gore, and shock tactics – has given so little coverage to the fact that over 460,000 bikers descended on Sturgis for the 80th Annual Rally. In all that, only a handful of COVID-19 cases have been confirmed. The real irony is that […]

Jump Starting The Whole Thing

Jump Starting The Whole Thing

The simple truth is this:  all over the world, folks are hurting.  Some countries aren’t telling anyone how bad it sucks (like China, for example) and others, it seems like there’s a morbid curiosity to see how many victims they can claim. No matter what, as we all collectively try to get back to work, […]

A Dose of Realism

A Dose of Realism

In the last eight weeks, we’ve gotten a shot of realism, that’s for sure.  We’ve seen how folks can’t figure out what to do, so they panic (and that goes for our politicians, too) and do nothing – or do stupid crap that puts lives in danger. I don’t know where you lie on the […]

Your Motorcycle Is, Are you Ready

Your Motorcycle Is, Are YOU Ready? 

For one of the first times in my adult life, I think I can finally “get” what you guys up North go through. See, it’s like this:  down here in the South, we get a few cold days, we complain, then it’s 70 degrees in the middle of December.  We’re never really that far from […]

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Just a Hint – Jewelry for Bikers

There’s a line in Robin Williams’ movie “The Bird Cage” where Nathan Lane, wearing a suit, points out that even with your socks, “one does want a hint of color.” No matter where you are in life and career, we all know we’re bikers. The downside is there are some occasions where you simply can’t […]

The Inside Scoop on Motorcycle Helmet Ratings

The Inside Scoop On Motorcycle Helmet Ratings

About fourteen minutes after the first biker fell off the first bike and broke their head open, some enterprising individual probably decided a helmet was more than just a pretty good idea and began selling “motorcycle helmets.” The problem, though, is even though science and medicine are amazingly advanced, our governments aren’t.  As a result, […]


Why I Hate Riding In October (Sometimes)

In plenty of places in North America, October represents some of the best riding weather around.  Leaves are starting to change, you finally don’t feel soggy at the end of a ride, and Old Man Winter being right around the corner means that plenty of us are going to be putting up our bikes for […]

Help Us Add More Biker Friendly Places to our List

Here’s the deal: Since we have thousands of folks that read this blog, buy the gear, and check out our social media pages, we’ve decided to build a complete list of biker-friendly establishments all over North America. Beer joints, hot sheet motels, truck stops, garages, restaurants, diners, campgrounds… all of them. The way The Boss […]

All I Want for Christmas

Every year, we get bombarded. Professional marketing firms are allowed to use all sorts of psychological data and research to figure out how to entice kids to beg their parents and grandparents for the latest “must have” gift that will likely be forgotten about (or broken) by the time we ring in the New Year. […]

Are You Healthy Enough to Ride?

Over the last two weeks, two really great guys that I know that live thousands of miles apart have suffered catastrophic crashes on the back of their bikes. The reason isn’t weather, or distracted drivers, or even a random system failure. Nope. In fact, it is as far from those “traditional” problems as you can […]

How Much is Too Much?

The late, great comedian George Carlin had a rant in one of his shows years ago about “stuff” – you spent a lifetime accumulating it and then your kids spent years trying to get rid of it. He explained that you would go on vacation to “get away from it all” but still bring a […]

It’s Always Someone’s Backyard

Hopefully, by the time you read this, Hurricane Harvey and the devastation that it caused in southeastern Texas will be old news and cleanup will have been quick, the death toll low, and the fallout – both literal and figurative – minimal. Somehow, I doubt it. Down here, we get hurricanes. Not every year, but […]

Feed the Hobby, not the Obsession

By the time you read this, Sturgis will be either roaring through the last weekend or the cleanup crews will be working overtime. Even though, for most of us as bikers, Sturgis represents the chance (albeit one we don’t often take) to go and hang out with half a million kindred spirits, the truth of […]