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From LiveWire To ReWire

From LiveWire To ReWire

  For years now, we’ve watched as Harley-Davidson has wrestled with the average age of its riders.  The most recent statistics say the same things they’ve said all along:  The average age of Harley’s customers is getting older – over 50 now, to be exact.  And that’s a problem.  A big one, in fact.  Harley […]

Motorcycle News You Can Use

Motorcycle News You Can Use – 12/2019

Well, here we are again!  The holidays are bearing down on us, it’s cold, riding your bike if you live nearly anywhere north of Kentucky is a frostbite-inducing adventure … …And your old lady wants to decorate the house. We get it, you’ve been busy.  That was the entire point of creating “MNYCU” as a […]

Motorcycle News You Can Use

Motorcycle News You Can Use

Okay, so here’s the deal, readers:  Since most of the fine, upstanding citizens of North America think everyone on a bike is the same, most news agencies happily put the crotch-rocket story beside the Poker Run for Leukemia story and collectively brand us all under the same flag.  We’re going to try a little something […]

What Makes Cafe Racers so Special

What Makes Café Racers Special?

The motorcycle marketplace is a conundrum. With so many specialized bikes on showroom floors, it is strange how vaguely homogenized the market seems. Tourers, ADVs, dual sports, standards – they’re all so alike. That’s where the classic café racer stands alone. It is a glimmer of individuality in a world of increasing sameness. Café racers […]

A Dream Job At Harley-Davidson

Undoubtedly, some of you saw the news this last week that Harley-Davidson is hiring interns. Nothing new there – internship has been a part of big business for decades, but Harley is actually doing something – something that may be the smartest thing to come out of Milwaukee in a long time. They’re going to […]

How to Start a Motorcycle Business

So you’ve made the decision, and you want to go it alone. You’re going to open up your own motorcycle business. Well, good luck and we all hope it goes well…. at this point everyone you know leaves you to get on with it. Well, how about one final check to ensure you’ve got everything […]

What’s the Deal With Triumph?

Anybody who has been involved with riding for any length of time knows a little of the history of bikes in North America. Harley, Indian, the myriad of Japanese bikes starting in the 1970s, and then, assorted European and British bikes that appeared after World War 2. A few days ago, I was at a […]

Bought this helmet for my girlfriend because she wanted something more sleek

Harley and Indian Are Working Together?

Just kidding.  In a way, it’s true, though.  Harley Davidson and Indian may not be officially working with one another, but it is interesting that they have both recently come out as looking for “sleepers.” These are the 9 million or so licensed riders in North America that don’t own a bike and have the […]

A Closer Look at the H-D Street Glide

One of the side effects of being an independent and a guy who has owned the same bike for two decades is that every once in awhile, you finally get around to noticing something. These days, if you’re like me, you might see something that you like and make a mental note to look more […]

Enough About H-D, What About the Other Guys?

Alright, far from just picking on the corporate talking heads at Harley-Davidson, I figured I’d pick on a few of the other big companies that build big cruisers overseas. I’m not talking about small shops that are just really just one-offs of Harley and their overall production and market saturation is really dependent on Harley […]

I Coulda Had a Big Eight

Sorry for the bad pun from 1970’s advertising, but just last week, Harley Davidson finally owned up to the worst-kept secret in company history. They’ve got a new engine. Not to worry, it’s still a V-Twin, but the new “Big Eight” or “Milwaukee Eight” has taken a step in a different direction from the past […]