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What Makes Cafe Racers so Special

What Makes Café Racers Special?   Recently updated !

The motorcycle marketplace is a conundrum. With so many specialized bikes on showroom floors, it is strange how vaguely homogenized the market seems. Tourers, ADVs, dual sports, standards – they’re all so alike. That’s where the classic café racer stands alone. It is a glimmer of individuality in a world of increasing sameness. Café racers […]

A Dream Job At Harley-Davidson   Recently updated !

Undoubtedly, some of you saw the news this last week that Harley-Davidson is hiring interns. Nothing new there – internship has been a part of big business for decades, but Harley is actually doing something – something that may be the smartest thing to come out of Milwaukee in a long time. They’re going to […]

An Interesting International Harley Davidson Issue

An Interesting International Harley Davidson Issue   Recently updated !

Harley Davidson made its bones by exporting America.  For decades, they’ve sold the idea of the freedom of the open road and the unforgettable sound of an angry V-twin. To me, then, it’s more than a little ironic that so much of Harley Davidson’s plans depend on global expansion amid the current United States’ government […]

How to Start a Motorcycle Business   Recently updated !

So you’ve made the decision, and you want to go it alone. You’re going to open up your own motorcycle business. Well, good luck and we all hope it goes well…. at this point everyone you know leaves you to get on with it. Well, how about one final check to ensure you’ve got everything […]

What’s the Deal With Triumph?   Recently updated !

Anybody who has been involved with riding for any length of time knows a little of the history of bikes in North America. Harley, Indian, the myriad of Japanese bikes starting in the 1970s, and then, assorted European and British bikes that appeared after World War 2. A few days ago, I was at a […]

Air or Water Cooling – Which is Best?   Recently updated !

Entire generations of riders have sworn by air-cooled engines and Harley took a whole ration of wrath when they decided to introduce liquid cooling into the Twin Cam 103 a few years ago.  Mother Davidson was far from the first – in reality – they were one of the last – but is there an […]

Harley-Davidson Introduces the New Sport Glide   Recently updated !

For a lot of the reasons we’ve talked about in these pages over the years, Harley has its challenges.  An aging ridership, changing manufacturing, and a question of direction versus tradition. None of those answers are easy and the questions aren’t going away.  Harley, though, has taken it all in stride and, at a time […]

Bought this helmet for my girlfriend because she wanted something more sleek

Harley and Indian Are Working Together?   Recently updated !

Just kidding.  In a way, it’s true, though.  Harley Davidson and Indian may not be officially working with one another, but it is interesting that they have both recently come out as looking for “sleepers.” These are the 9 million or so licensed riders in North America that don’t own a bike and have the […]

A Closer Look at the H-D Street Glide   Recently updated !

One of the side effects of being an independent and a guy who has owned the same bike for two decades is that every once in awhile, you finally get around to noticing something. These days, if you’re like me, you might see something that you like and make a mental note to look more […]

Got Riders? Getting the Next Generation in the Saddle   Recently updated !

A couple of weeks ago, Harley Davidson released their first quarter financial results and, as usual, it makes for some interesting reading. Now, we’ve talked about profit centers in this column before, but what was really interesting isn’t that profits stayed virtually the same for H-D versus the first quarter last year, but that they […]

Harley Davidson Screamin’ Eagles… Lose?   Recently updated !

Well, well, well. Here we are at the end of the motorcycle drag racing year and as usual, Harley was in the hunt. Specifically, Andrew Hines and Ed Krawiec were in the hunt with the bikes that Mother Davidson has helped them to ride to victory again this year. Personally, I’m convinced that you could […]

Enough About H-D, What About the Other Guys?   Recently updated !

Alright, far from just picking on the corporate talking heads at Harley-Davidson, I figured I’d pick on a few of the other big companies that build big cruisers overseas. I’m not talking about small shops that are just really just one-offs of Harley and their overall production and market saturation is really dependent on Harley […]

The Milwaukee Eight’s First Victims   Recently updated !

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about the new Harley Milwaukee Eight engine and how it was a “clean sheet” engine that Mother Davidson was going to be rolling out in their big bikes in 2017. It’s not without a little irony that on the heels of that announcement, Harley casually dropped the news […]

The Other News You Won’t Hear From Milwaukee…   Recently updated !

Earlier this week we talked about the new engines that Harley-Davidson will be dropping into their touring bikes and a few CVO chassis’, and with the unrest in Milwaukee over the police, another, quieter story came slipping out. The United States Environmental Protection Agency, one of those pesky watchdog groups that seem to stir up […]

I Coulda Had a Big Eight   Recently updated !

Sorry for the bad pun from 1970’s advertising, but just last week, Harley Davidson finally owned up to the worst-kept secret in company history. They’ve got a new engine. Not to worry, it’s still a V-Twin, but the new “Big Eight” or “Milwaukee Eight” has taken a step in a different direction from the past […]

Hey Harley Davidson, How Much is Too Much?   Recently updated !

One of the great things about having a well-connected and independently wealthy old lady who owns a technology company is that I get invited along on some great business trips. It is tough, but I manage to look pretty for the job and try to hide the fact that my fingernails have some grease under […]

Rise of the Concept Motorcycles   Recently updated !

You guys know I’m old-fashioned. Old bike. Old(er) guy. I like stuff that I can understand because that means I can likely fix it. Computers are not always my friend, although they make me my living. Stuff controlled by a computer on a bike makes even less sense to me and just seems like a […]

Modify Your Motorcycle: Key Factors   Recently updated !

If you ask any avid biker just what makes motorcycles so sexy, they’ll give you a number of reasons. It’s the truest way to travel, with the open road and the wind in your face, the elegant engineering and rugged wear and tear, and the people and the culture which comes along for the ride. […]

Electric Motocross for Children   Recently updated !

There is a new alternative for children who ride dirt bikes or race in Motocross. The Silent Mini Thunder is the first electric motocross bike especially designed for kids. The Silent Mini Thunder only weighs 69 lbs so it is a lot easier for kids to handle and parents to pick up. RAFFE Bikes is […]