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In 2010, FarKew Clothing and the Helmet Company was established to support the passion of its founders: motorcycling.  For over 10 years, they have searched the world looking for innovative quality motorcycle products that just plain work and offer value their customers the best value for their hard earned money.  Biker Lids believes in delivering the best experience on the Internet and are committed to quality service and industry leading reliability.

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Customer Reviews

Great fit and comfortable, highly recommend.  Thanks Fat Albert.

Biker Lid Open Face Helmet Review

Ted Biker Lid Open Face 3/4 Shell Helmet

You can’t beat this for the price. My wife absolutely loves it! We followed the chart and it was a little snug at first but after a few uses it fit great and she still wears it. For the price I think it’s a great buy, as for safety I hope we will never have to find that part out.

Biker Lid Beanie Helmet Review

Jerry B. Biker Lid Beanie Helmet - Vintage White

As advertised! SUPER light and comfortable.  Everyone that is worried about the “mushroom“ look that so many skid lids have in order to meet DOT standards is lost on this one.  I’m going to have to buy a 2nd one for my wife and daughter.  In all honesty, if not for this helmet, I most likely wouldn’t wear one unless I had to due to state law.  The free replacement should you have an accident with this helmet on is a great bonus, but I pray I never have to use it.  God bless.

Biker Helmet Beanie Helmet Review

Verified Customer Biker Lid Beanie Helmet

Ordered an XL for my big melon, fits perfect. Air vents work well, I never felt hot until I was stopped. Helmet is very quiet, doesn’t fog up in motion, glasses are no problem to slip on through the gap and they didn’t fog either. Very satisfied with my purchase!

Biker Lid Lane Splitter Helmet Review

Brian F. Biker Lid Lane Splitter Full Face Helmet

Biker Lid Polo Helmet Pros: slim profile, perfect amount of visor to block sun, adjustable straps, quick release chin strap spoils you – never go back to double D rings – while feeling very secure.

Biker Lid Polo Helmet Review

NurseKelz Biker Lid Polo Helmet

Love this helmet.  Great service, very thorough, messaged me about fitment prior to shipping.  Fits great, very low profile, would definitely buy again!

Biker Lid Polo Helmet Review

Jamie A. Biker Lid Polo Helmet

Biker Lid Helmets - Smallest and Lightest DOT Helmets

Biker Lid Helmets – Smallest & Lightest DOT Certified Helmets