Gatorz Eyewear Motorcycle Sunglasses

Gatorz Eyewear, proudly made in the USA, is no stranger to the visionary world.  For years, Gatorz has been about the basics: capitalizing on good old American manufacturing and ingenuity resulting in quality motorcycle sunglasses that both look and feel good.  Choose your Gatorz frames (style and color) and then select your lenses. With all the different custom combinations, you can be sure to get the right pair of Gatorz Sunglasses to match your style on and off your motorcycle.

Gatorz Eyewear Motorcycle Sunglasses - Made in the USA Gatorz Eyewear - Magnum Wrap Around Motorcycle Sunglasses

Gatorz Magnum Sunglasses

Magnums are Gatorz #1 selling sunglasses which feature a large size, wrap style fit. The lightweight, durable aluminum frame is adjustable, providing the ultimate comfort and fit. The preferred style of many Military and Law Enforcement personnel, this frame offers a great look for athletes, skydivers, outdoor enthusiasts, and bikers as well. Gatorz bestselling Magnum looks great on any face shape.

Gatorz Wraptor Sunglasses

Features a medium size, wrap style fit. With a tighter wrap than the Magnum, this style is popular with bikers, skydivers, runners, and anyone looking for a close fitting, comfortable frame. Gatorz second most popular frame, the Wraptor looks great on any face shape, especially those looking for a smaller fit.

Gatorz Boxster Sunglasses

The Boxster from Gatorz Eyewear features a large size lens on a wider set frame. With more square shaped features, this frame offers a stylish yet tough look. Boxster Sunglasses provides great coverage for men with a larger face shape, and ladies who are used to bigger sunglasses.

Gatorz Delta Sunglasses

The square shaped frame and large lenses provide full coverage. This unisex frame is large enough to comfortably fit a man’s face, while offering a look that’s also desirable for women.

Gatorz Specter Sunglasses

The newest style to join the Gatorz collection, the Specter is a high performance frame featuring all the benefits of a wrap style complete with edgy, hard lines.  An entirely new Gatorz look, this style offers enhanced eye protection.

Gatorz Special Edition Sunglasses

These Special Edition Motorcycle Sunglasses from Gatorz Eyewear are indeed “special” and as such, available only for a limited time.

Gatorz Motorcycle Sunglasses – Prescription Lenses

Gatorz Motorcycle Sunglasses - Prescription Lenses

Gatorz Motorcycle Sunglasses UV Protection