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Christmas Shopping – Biker Style

Well, even here in the south we’re in a deep freeze. Yesterday, the high never got above 38 degrees and I’ll tell you, driving the old diesel was a relief. It may not be anything like what some of you guys are used to north of the border, but we truly don’t have the gear […]

When will us Bikers Learn?

Last week, like the good boy I am, I got the whole family cleaned up and went to visit my parents for the Thanksgiving holiday (Yeah, we have it a little later than our Canadian friends). We ate too much, we laughed, and when the feast was finally done and the second piece of pie […]

Some Things to Truly Be Thankful For

Just a newsflash… I know that the lion’s share of our readership is north of the border, and with that, I want to wish you guys a belated Thanksgiving. While my Canadian friends were giving thanks for the blessings they have, I had a Thanksgiving of my own here in the last week. You see, […]

Where Were You? 15th Anniversary of 9/11

Hard to believe that 15 years ago our lives here in the Western world were changed forever by a few extremists and a misguided view of our freedoms. September 11, 2001, everything changed. Like Kennedy’s assassination a generation before, we will all remember where we were on that day. In the end, for a lot […]

The Making of a Motorcycle Trailer Queen

Okay, maybe I’m getting old, but it occurred to me, sitting under a bridge the other day, waiting out a storm, that sometimes, it may just be smarter to haul my bike to some of the places that I usually take it. I’ve had a few hair-raising moments in heavy traffic over the years, and […]

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

U.S. Interstate 95 forms a long black ribbon of highway from Miami, Florida to the Canadian border between Houlton, Maine, Woodstock and New Brunswick. Travelers can access any major city on the Eastern seaboard and because of that, it is the favorite of long-haul truckers, tourists, snowbirds, and every-damn-body trying to get to Florida. I […]

Icon Leather Motorcycle Boots and Shoes

Rejoice! Ride to Work Day is Almost Here

Ride To Work Day is Almost Here! Alright fellow motorcycle enthusiasts, June is almost here (holy crap!) and one of the best parts about June is that “Ride Your Motorcycle To Work Day” is going to be here on June 20. So that means put up the leathers, get on the suit and tie, and cruise […]