Help Us Add More Biker Friendly Places to our List

Here’s the deal: Since we have thousands of folks that read this blog, buy the gear, and check out our social media pages, we’ve decided to build a complete list of biker-friendly establishments all over North America.

Beer joints, hot sheet motels, truck stops, garages, restaurants, diners, campgrounds… all of them. The way The Boss sees it, anyone can buy their way onto a biker mailing list, but we’re building this list based on your opinions, not someone writing a check.

And we’re not marketing it to you, we’re just trying to help you have a better ride.

Brooklyn Tavern in Cosmopolis, WA

Here’s the other part of the deal: We know that Harley dealerships like to see us. We know that Hooters girls like to see us. Let’s get off the beaten path, though and talk about those little gems you always stop at on your way to the Dragon’s Tail or when you ride the Natchez Trace Parkway.

Newsflash! We also know everybody in Sturgis is happy when we pull up, but where did you eat or sleep the day before you got to Sturgis? THAT’S the place we want to hear about!

All you have to do is click here and enter your suggestions in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Eagle Creek Saloon in Lilliwaup, WA

I know, I know, some of us aren’t all that good at following directions, so let me further spell it out for you: This is only for the good guys! Don’t list crappy places or places to get shot at – we’re building that list too, but the lawyer is really nervous about publishing that one due to slander and libel laws in all the countries, states, and provinces we’re operating in.

The whole goal of this list is to be able to give you access, as a friend of The Bikers Den, to places that you can trust and enjoy while you’re out on the road. You’re not going to walk into a place that’s going to give you a ration of crap if you smoke, smell like exhaust, or want to sit down for a spell before you get back on the bike for the next two hundred miles.

In other words, friends of the family.

C-Hunts Ice House in Austin, TX

And some of you guys that own businesses that cater to bikers? Yeah, we’ll let you join in the list-building the process, too, but understand, if we find out that you suck, we’re pulling you off the list, period. We’ve spent years building our own family of readers and a group of folks that depend on us to give them good advice. When you attempt to betray that trust, we’re pulling the plug, brother.

Take a few minutes and put on your thinking cap and let us know the places that you trust on your rides. You never know, you might steer some of the good guys in the ‘Den into your favorite place and make some new riding partners…

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