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There’s a line in Robin Williams’ movie “The Bird Cage” where Nathan Lane, wearing a suit, points out that even with your socks, “one does want a hint of color.”

No matter where you are in life and career, we all know we’re bikers.

The downside is there are some occasions where you simply can’t ride.

Your vest has to stay home.

Your bike has to be in the garage.

You might not like it, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t celebrate your status as a biker.

With that in mind, The Bikers’ Den tracked down some really cool jewelry options for you, whether you’re on the bike or not.  The nicest part?  These pieces are professionally designed and built classics, not something cobbled together in the back of a van at the swap meet.

Whether you’re looking for biker rings, bracelets, or necklaces, we’ve got some beautiful styles available now that will remind everyone you’d rather be riding – but subtly.  Yes, you can wear these and still be business casual or Wall Street.

And let’s be real here, can’t we?  After 16 years of giving bikers what they really want (and it’s almost 17!), the truth is, riding is not just a means of transportation, it’s about being in the moment, being in the elements, and being present.

It’s an attitude and a lifestyle, but it’s also one that a lot of us have to fit in when we can.  I think back to my days as a cop and how I couldn’t wear my gold wedding band because I was afraid it would get damaged or, after a scuffle with a perp, I’d end up having to get my ring cut off due to swelling because of an injury.

I also kept my bike at home and drove my truck to work.

How many of you guys still have to do that?  I’m not talking about being a waxer, I’m talking about having to walk the line in your career because somebody might get scared of the “big bad biker” in Accounting or the “Independent rider in Marketing”?

We get it.  This is just our way of providing you with a subtle tool to thumb your nose at all the idiots in your life who judge based on what they think they know instead of what they could learn if they just asked.

Look, you can’t not be who you are, so in 2020, make sure you’re always able to see what you believe and to remind yourself (and anyone who asks) that a lot of us “Live to ride…”

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