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Spring Start Up

Spring Start Up

Alright!  It’s drying out down here and, according to my friends up North, a lot of ya’ll are chomping at the bit to get on the road.  Let’s get riding season off to a good start… First of all, long before you try to turn that engine over, take a look at the battery.  If […]

The Low Down on Motorcycle Spark Plugs

The Lowdown on Motorcycle Spark Plugs

Now that many of us have our bikes put away for the winter and might be deep into projects for those same bikes, it’s a good time to talk about some maintenance items that you probably don’t think about. Spark plugs. Sure, a lot of riders don’t even think about them – they’ll leave their […]

A Few More Motorcycle Cleaning Hacks

A Few More Motorcycle Cleaning Hacks

In our last post, we talked about a few easy ways to keep your bike clean and protected during riding season and even though we covered a lot of ground, I realized that I hadn’t mentioned a few important ones. If you wear a full-face helmet or have a fairing/windshield, you have got to get […]

5 Top Tips For Buying A Second-Hand Motorbike

Choosing and buying a new motorbike is no easy feat as there are so many out there but, with a second-hand bike, there’s a lot more to consider.   Motorbikes don’t come cheap and, because safety is of paramount importance when riding, it’s essential that you carry out certain checks before you hand over your […]

I’ll Bet You’ve Never Thought of This…

Eventually, you’ll try anything to clean your motorcycle parts with. It could be because you’re out of your favorite product and can’t get it locally that weekend, it could be that you’ve finally gotten tired of all the elbow grease needed to get some kinds of cleaners to actually polish chrome or stainless, or maybe […]

Stop Asking Me and Learn for Yourself

We’ve all been there – out on the road and you stop for a Coke and a smile and they come out of the woodwork. Posers, Wannabes, and the genuinely curious – all with questions about bikes and bikers and “how do I learn to ride a motorcycle?” Some of them I tell just to […]

Getting Your Ride Ready for the Road

So here we are, it’s time to drag the bike out and you haven’t done anything that you said you would. You filled up the tank and slammed it in the garage where it’s been lying buried under a tarp since the end of October and now the weather has warmed up and you’re itching […]

Winterizing Your Bike the Right Way

Now, we’ve certainly discussed winterizing your ride time and again, but as that magical time of year draws near (and already has for some of you) I wanted to add in a little final thought about the whole thing. Now that we’re about to be suffocated with Christmas Carols and holiday cheer, make a different […]

GMAX Modular Helmets

Motorcycle Battery Storage Tips

By now, almost everybody knows that I live way down south in the United States where “cold” is very relative and I have the luxury of riding year ‘round. On the other hand, just about ALL of you guys live north of me and for most of you, that means that you have winterized your […]