Motorcycle Tips

The Art of Cornering on a Big Bike

Now that Fall is here and we begin our own little migration to the switchbacked mountain roads to look at leaves but really, we just want to corner aggressively and have a fun day, we need to talk about something. Plenty of newer riders have no idea how to corner aggressively in a big V-twin. […]

Buying New Tires for Your Motorcycle

Well fellas, for any of you that ride more than trailer, Sturgis is almost on top of us. Even if you have a trailer queen, you still want to look good and run smooth, and that all starts with tires. I’d noticed that the tires on the Sportster were getting a little thin, so I’ve […]

Uh-Oh! Motorcycle Fender Bender How-To

Howdy, boys and girls. Now that virtually all of us are out on the road, the sad truth is that some of us are going to have a little fender bender. A slow lay down, a knockover in the parking lot, something is going to happen.  In fact, we talked about this in answering a […]

Protecting Your Ducati From The Elements

Whether you have the latest 1299 Panigale or one of Ducati’s older Terblanche-designed models, you should still consider yourself a very lucky rider. Many people dream of owning one of Italy’s hottest sportbikes, but, judging from how few we actually see on the roads, not very many riders get to achieve that goal. Ducati’s are […]

Protect Your Bike’s Paint the Easy Way

Riding season is and, if you are like most motorcyclists, you are probably out in the garage cleaning, polishing and preparing your ride for the coming summer months. Try as hard as you may, don’t despair if you can’t get your paint looking as good as it did when your motorcycle was new, or even […]

Tips for Fly and Ride Motorcycle Vacations

Say you want to take a motorcycle vacation in another country? Or even just across the country, but you don’t want to waste half of your vacation riding to the place you actually want to experience? While motorcycle riding is about the journey, not the destination, once you’ve exhausted all of the journeys in your area, […]

How to Ride a Motorcycle with a Passenger

Riding with a passenger can be fun, especially if you know the person well and both of you are well prepared for the experience. Because adding another person to the motorcycle opens the doors for additional dangers, there are some preparations riders and passengers should make. First of all, you should be sure that your […]