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Daytona Bike Week – A Brief History

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast in North America, you’ve no doubt heard about one of the biggest biker rallies and parties in the United States and the entire world.  Daytona Bike Week is an amazing motorcycle event that brings together approximately a half million like minded bikers each and every year. What started in […]

Supporting American Motorcycle Related Businesses & Buying USA Made Biker Gear

American Motorcycle Gear & Apparel – 100% Made in the USA The Bikers’ Den carries the best selection of USA Manufactured Motorcycle Gear anywhere. If supporting your American manufacturers and businesses is important to you, you’ve found the right place. And even if you’re not American, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing where your […]

The Importance of Motorcycle Riding Gear

When first purchasing a motorcycle or motorbike, it is good to keep in mind that having proper Motorcycle Gear & Biker Gear is just as important as maintenance of the bike itself. You can expect a reasonable amount of safety if you keep yourself properly trained and informed in the operation of your bike and keep it […]

Featured Motorcycle Club: Alberta Retreads

Featured Motorcycle Club: Alberta Retreads The Alberta Retreads are a member of the Retreads Motorcycle Club International, Inc., (AMA Charter 3233) with some 24,000 members nationwide, all of whom share two things; an age of 40 plus and a love of motorcycling. The Retreads, founded by George Spidell in El Cajon, California in 1969, have […]

Daytona Motorcycle Helmets

There are a lot of really nice Daytona Helmets & Daytona Motorcycle Helmets available that can help keep motorcyclists safe, stylish and comfortable while on the road. These Daytona Helmets are also going to help provide a lot of protection in the unfortunate event of an accident. Helmets are essential for anyone driving around on […]

Featured Motorcycle Club: She Devils MC USA

Featured Motorcycle Club: She Devils MC USA The She Devils Motorcycle Club USA is a Sisterhood of Women who Ride their own bikes, Make their own decisions and Live their own lives. We are independent women who share the love of riding, laughter and each other’s company both on and off of the road. We […]

Featured Motorcycle Club: Harley-Davidson Club Finland

Featured Motorcycle Club: Harley-Davidson Club Finland HARLEY-DAVIDSON CLUB FINLAND (reg. association) is a Harley-Davidson riders club founded in 1980. The club aims to uphold and further Harley-Davidsons as a hobby in Finland and to keep in contact with similar clubs and enthusiast abroad. It has over 6000 members. H-DCF organizes gathering and benefit rides, exhibitions, […]

Spot the Wolf in Las Vegas Contest #1

One of our Wolves was out of the Den prowling around in Las Vegas recently. Tell us which landmark location you think the Wolf is front of, and you can win a NEWLY DESIGNED Bikers’ Den Motorcycle T-shirt as well as a $50  Gift Certificate that is good on ANY of their stores! When answering the contest question, please […]

More Benefits of Horsehide Motorcycle Jackets

Horsehide  is the perfect material for the requirements of any biker in need of a leather motorcycle jacket that will outlast his or her bike. Horsehide Jackets are more durable than buffalo or cowhide alternatives and because horsehide is more firm than the other hides, it makes the jacket more weatherproof and better able to withstand rain and wet […]

Horsehide Motorcycle Jackets – When You Want a Jacket that Will Last Longer Than Your Bike

Horsehide is an extremely dense, non-porous leather. Horsehide jackets will last longer and withstand considerably more abuse than a cowhide counterpart. Horsehide leather has a firm grain that keeps the jacket durable, and also makes it an excellent repellent for moisture due to its density. Because of this, the jacket can hold up in humid […]

Featured Motorcycle Club: Roughnecks MC

Featured Club: Roughnecks Motorcycle Club Our club is a brotherhood of active and retired Law Enforcement and Public Safety Personnel. We all risk our lives and serve our communities in one way or another. The Roughnecks MC is a club consisting of American and Metric Cruisers with 500+ CC engines. We all live by Old School […]

Motorcycle Jeans Can Protect as Well as Leathers

Motorcycle jeans are now manufactured so that they can offer the same protection as leather motorcycle chaps or pants.  Here are a few testimonials from some recent customers that decided to purchase motorcycle jeans over the leather alternatives… Testimonial 1 When I ride I want to be protected but I do not necessarily want to […]

Featured Motorcycle Club: The Messengers MC

The Messengers MC is a Motorcycle Club that runs out of the South Eastern Pennsylvania with Chapters in Philadelphia PA and Delco PA. Our Club chooses not to drink or do drugs. We are a Motorcycle Club, not an internet club, we do our miles on the highway, not the super – information highway. Our […]

Special Motorcycle & Biker Apparel is a Must

If you have never owned or ridden a motorcycle, you may not realize the importance of using special Motorcycle Apparel & Biker Apparel. The primary reasons for using special clothing are warmth and protection. Even in relatively warmer areas, riding a motorcycle down the road at 60 miles an hour can be a chilling experience. The […]

How to Winterize Your Motorcycle

Taking care of your bike–even when you’re not able to use it–is key to ensuring years of riding the open road with minimal problems and fixes. When the temps start to drop and the snow starts to fall, it’s time to winterize your motorcycle and store it until spring arrives. Storing your motorcycle over the […]