Motorcycle Jeans Can Protect as Well as Leathers

Motorcycle jeans are now manufactured so that they can offer the same protection as leather motorcycle chaps or pants.  Here are a few testimonials from some recent customers that decided to purchase motorcycle jeans over the leather alternatives…

Testimonial 1

When I ride I want to be protected but I do not necessarily want to look like I am all leathered or armored up. This led me to do a search for Men’s Motorcycle Jeans to see if I could find something that would work better for me and be more comfortable to wear. I found great looking jeans with kevlar lining that were exactly what I needed. I can wear them when I am riding and know that I am protected if I should happen to take a spill but they look nice enough that I can stop somewhere to eat without having to worry about being stared at. I actually like them so much that I plan on ordering more so that I have a spare pare put away that looks extra nice in case I decide to take my bike out to meet a date.

Testimonial 2

My husband owns and rides a motorcycle, and while he is very experienced, I often worry for him. That is why I looked into buying him Biker Jeans. He always wear jeans when he rides, but they are just department store jeans that would offer no protection if he were to come off the bike. The special biker jeans that I found for him were actually reinforced with Kevlar, so he would stand a better chance of walking around from an accident without having scraped up his legs and knees. The jeans are very fashionable, so he has no problem wearing them. Plus, they are only slightly heavier than his normal jeans, so he isn’t hindered by riding or walking around. They are especially nice on cooler nights when it is just a bit chilly out. He combines them with a leather, reinforced jacket, and I feel much better about his safety.


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