Horsehide Motorcycle Jackets – When You Want a Jacket that Will Last Longer Than Your Bike

Horsehide is an extremely dense, non-porous leather. Horsehide jackets will last longer and withstand considerably more abuse than a cowhide counterpart. Horsehide leather has a firm grain that keeps the jacket durable, and also makes it an excellent repellent for moisture due to its density. Because of this, the jacket can hold up in humid areas and withstand the rain and wet weather better than cowhide or buffalo jackets. All of our horsehide jackets are made in the USA so you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the quality of the hide will match that of the craftsmanship.

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2 thoughts on “Horsehide Motorcycle Jackets – When You Want a Jacket that Will Last Longer Than Your Bike

  • Javier Díaz Santana

    Hey there, greetings from Mexico and hoping you the best: I have some friends who have a horsehide leather available here in my city, and they sell good sized cuts of the hide enough to make a jacket at around 50 USD. It is probably chrome tanned and the thickness must be of around 1mm more or less, maybe around 2 or 3oz. leather. Do you recommend me ordering a jacket made of this leather for casual (Not motorcycle) use? Do you think that even being that thin, could it hold up well to everyday use and still last some 50 / 60 years or stuff? I really like walking in the rain here in my city with cowhide work boots oiled and a jacket either made of lambskin or Calfskin / cowhide, both oiled as well, and they hold up well, however the upper section of the lambskin gets easily damaged with certain objects i find in the way, would this happen to the horsehide or it is considerably stronger than the lambskin or cowhide even in that thickness? I know this can depend on a lot of factors but i would like to know your opinion. A jacket made of horsehide that i can pass over to a relative would be great. Greetings and i hope you can give me some advice on this