Motorcycle Jackets

Not All Bikers Wear Leather as Textile Motorcycle Gear Increases in Popularity

Leather may still be a very popular choice of material for motorcycle gear and apparel, however, more and more motorcyclists are choosing Textile Motorcycle Gear as an alternative to traditional leather motorcycle jackets, chaps, vests and gloves.  Textile Motorcycle Jackets and Pants offer riders the same protection as leather riding gear and can do so […]

Horsehide Motorcycle Gear vs Traditional Cowhide

When it comes to purchasing quality leather products, many motorcyclists are concerned as to which leather to use for the ultimate in style, durability, and protection: horsehide leather or traditional cowhide leather. It is important for you to invest in high-dollar, quality leather that will last a lifetime, and will be able to handle the […]

Motorcycle Helmets Specifically for Women

Womens Motorcycle Helmets & Ladies Biker Helmets don’t have to be boring anymore. Now women’s motorcycle helmets and ladies biker helmets are available in a variety of styles and designs to suit every taste and budget. Some women prefer open face, short and half shell motorcycle helmets for the ultimate biking experience with the wind on […]

More Benefits of Horsehide Motorcycle Jackets

Horsehide  is the perfect material for the requirements of any biker in need of a leather motorcycle jacket that will outlast his or her bike. Horsehide Jackets are more durable than buffalo or cowhide alternatives and because horsehide is more firm than the other hides, it makes the jacket more weatherproof and better able to withstand rain and wet […]

Horsehide Motorcycle Jackets – When You Want a Jacket that Will Last Longer Than Your Bike

Horsehide is an extremely dense, non-porous leather. Horsehide jackets will last longer and withstand considerably more abuse than a cowhide counterpart. Horsehide leather has a firm grain that keeps the jacket durable, and also makes it an excellent repellent for moisture due to its density. Because of this, the jacket can hold up in humid […]