Treat Your Harley to Some Precision Parts

If you have a Harley Davidson motorcycle then you’re part of group of motorcycle owners that cherish their bikes above all else. So what if we told you there was a way to make your Harley even better with precision aftermarket Harley Davidson motorcycle parts from Feuling Parts? And by better we mean getting even more performance from your v-twin pride and joy.

Performance Harley Davidson Engine Fastners & Pushrods, Oil Systems, Lifters

Industry leading innovators of high performance V-Twin parts for Harley Davidson motorcycles…

  • FEULING® REAPER® camshafts
  • HP+® and RACE SERIES® Oil Pumps and Lifters
  • high flow cam support plates
  • BEEHIVE® valve springs
  • ARP® Engine Fasteners
  • HP+®, RACE SERIES® and FAST INSTALL adjustable pushrods
  • chrome oil coolers
  • black oil coolers
  • offset oil filter adapters
  • points covers
  • camplate components
  • valve seals
  • camshaft installation kits
  • oil tank breathers
  • K&N® oil filters and engine tools

The Feuling Parts crew brings decades of engine design and development technology to the aftermarket V-Twin H-D industry. Having the knowledge and experience combined with the southern California attitude and year round riding allows the Feuling team to maintain cutting edge status producing top quality dyno tuned and track tested components.

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