Easy to Install Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts Part 3 (Motorcycle Seats & Seat Cushions)

Aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories are a great way to customize your motorcycle.  Easy to install parts are even better, requiring little time or effort to individualize your pride and joy. In the first 2 articles, we took a look at adding gauges such as clocks, thermometers, compasses as well as leather saddlebags and toolbags. In part 3 of this series, we’re going to take a look at removable motorcycle passenger seats that attach to you rear fender and motorcycle seat covers that provide padding and a unique, custom look to your bike.

Motorcycle Passenger Seats – Suction Cup Pillion Seats

Motorcycle pillion seats are passenger seats that securely attach to your rear fender via a set of suction cups.  The suction plus the weight of the passenger ensure that the seat stays on securely without shifting and without damaging the paint or finish on your fender.  Not only do these seats add functionality to your bike by being able to accommodate a passenger, some of these seats are embroidered with cool designs that add a custom feel to your bike… whether you fancy skulls, flames, eagles, snakes, spiders, webs or even scorpions… you’ll find it embroidered on a motorcycle seat.  Although Phantom Pad is one of the top manufacturers of these motorcycle suction cup seats, you can find passenger seats that provide almost the same quality and similar designs.  In our opinion, however, Phantom Pad does make the most comfortable seats available so if comfort is as important to you for your passenger as it is for you, investing in the extra cost of a Phantom Pad pillion seat is well worth it.

For style, however, our favorite passenger pillion seats still have to be the embroidered skull and Maltese Cross shaped seats available at The Bikers’ Den.   These seats say badass all over them and although your passenger may need a smaller bottom to sit on them, isn’t all about how you look getting there rather than how comfortable the ride was?


Motorcycle Seat Cushions and Padding

If you’re looking for more padding in your motorcycle seat, you can either gain several pounds in your “booty” region or you can look into a padded motorcycle seat cover. Since the first option requires purchasing bigger pants to accommodate for your self contained ass pad, we recommend a motorcycle seat cushion by Butt Buffer or Skwoosh. Both companies manufacture motorcycle seat padding that reduces shock and vibration alleviating stiffness, soreness and lower back pain while riding. Butt Buffer takes the design of their seat cushions a step further by offering several colors and sizes to ensure you’ll find one to fit the look and size of your bike no matter what you ride. Butt Buffer even makes a genuine sheepskin seat cover for the ultimate in comfort and style.

Not only are motorcycle seat covers a must for preventing fatigue during intermediate to longer rides, they are also super easy to install and remove whenever you need to. And when it rains, you can bring your motorcycle cushion in to ensure you have a dry seat (your’s and the your bike’s).

In part 4 we will be looking at adding a motorcycle fairing to your bike which may seem daunting at first but we’ll explore a fiberglass motorcycle parts manufacturer that allows anyone to add a fairing to their bike (along with an optional built-in sound system, complete with speakers).

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