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Good Timing is a Great Thing   Recently updated !

I know, I know, it’s been forever since I’ve posted and I promise, I haven’t been misbehaving.  To tell the truth, I’ve been stuck indoors too much since the weather has sucked in South Georgia for weeks.  100-degree days, humidity off the charts, and rain every afternoon. So my bikes are clean, all the maintenance […]

Doing Stupid Things to Motorcycles

Doing Stupid Stuff to Motorcycles   Recently updated !

I made the mistake the other night of staying online too long and I ended up watching videos of weird people doing stupid stuff to motorcycles.  It would seem that in the online world, everyone has an idea – and not necessarily a good one – of how to custom build a bike. Nevermind that […]

Sportster Rebuild Project – Final Verdict   Recently updated !

Brothers, if spring isn’t here for most of us, it’s right around the corner and I know my friends in the Provinces are itching to get going. Make it happen, captain! All you folks that have been following my Sportster rebuild have probably noticed that I haven’t had the dyno numbers yet. I was planning […]

Top Radar Detectors for Motorcycles   Recently updated !

Radar detectors are great thing to have if you like to speed on your bike here and there. They do make radar detectors specifically for bikes. However, you could always use a wireless radar detector that are made for cars, which I believe are better and cost less than a radar detector made specifically for […]

Float Issues on Motorcycle Carburetor   Recently updated !

Watching gas pour continuously into my Yamaha motorcycle’s air box was not my idea of a relaxing Sunday ride with my father in-law.  But as the gas continued to flow, even with the engine shut off, I knew that I would be spending this day working on my bike rather than enjoying riding it.   I […]

Viking Bags: The Ultimate in Motorcycle Hardbags, Saddlebags & Luggage   Recently updated !

Here are 4 Simple Reasons why Viking motorcycle bags are the most popular for Luggage solution. Viking Bags carry Over 200 variety luggage options in various designs making them the Largest Motorcycle bags company in the world.Motorcycle Saddle Bags and Sissy Bar Bags by Viking Bags have been specially designed for every make and model […]

Johnny’s Got a New Pair of Saddlebags   Recently updated !

John’s new set of Motorcycle Saddlebags from… Be like John and get your new saddlebags now… Motorcycle Saddlebags provide you with the luggage room you need, no matter what you ride or how far you destination is. The Den carries a wide selection of Genuine Leather & Synthetic Leather Saddlebags that gives you ample […]

Treat Your Harley to Some Precision Parts   Recently updated !

If you have a Harley Davidson motorcycle then you’re part of group of motorcycle owners that cherish their bikes above all else. So what if we told you there was a way to make your Harley even better with precision aftermarket Harley Davidson motorcycle parts from Feuling Parts? And by better we mean getting even more […]

Easy to Install Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts Part 3 (Motorcycle Seats & Seat Cushions)   Recently updated !

Aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories are a great way to customize your motorcycle.  Easy to install parts are even better, requiring little time or effort to individualize your pride and joy. In the first 2 articles, we took a look at adding gauges such as clocks, thermometers, compasses as well as leather saddlebags and toolbags. […]

Easy to Install Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts – Part 2 (Motorcycle Bags & Storage)   Recently updated !

Adding motorcycle parts and accessories to your bike doesn’t have to be difficult and you don’t need to be an experienced mechanic to achieve great results if you want to customize your bike yourself. Part 2 of this series will help you add storage options to your motorcycle that will significantly increase the amount of […]

Customizing Your Motorcycle with Easy to Install Gauges, Parts & Accessories – Part 1   Recently updated !

Let’s face it, we’re not all Jesse James with a garage-full of metal working tools that can fabricate a motorcycle out of recycled beer cans. I’ll admit, and my wife will admit it louder, that I’m not the most mechanically inclined biker in the group and if anyone of us brakes down on a ride, […]