Buying Your First Motorcycle

So you’ve passed your test, and you’re ready to head out onto the road on two wheels. Congratulations! Not only is passing your test a big achievement, but it’s also a cause for celebration, as that means you’ll be looking to buy your first bike. But what should you be looking for, and what should you keep in mind?

What to look for:

– Value: Whether it’s your first bike or your tenth, whether you’re a postman or a PartyPoker celebrity, value is important. Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, and if it’s your first bike, don’t break the bank! The bigger investments can come later.

– Safety: Research how safe the bike is, as although some models are really jaw-dropping, ensuring you don’t end up not being able to move your jaw is similarly important!

– Quality: Make sure the seat won’t fray within a few weeks, and that the paint is hardened against the outdoors so you’re not left wondering where all the fire red went. Parts quality is a bigger deal, however, so ensure they’re sourced from a company with a good reputation.

What to keep in mind:

– You’re just starting out: Don’t worry about looking flash as anything – pay attention to keeping yourself safe. Equipment (helmet, other riding gear), training, looking after your well-chosen bike – all these things matter.

– Biking can be fun in a community: No one’s asking you to join an outlaw motorcycle gang, but finding a local community of biking enthusiasts can really help you learn the ropes, and having friends to ride with is always nice.

This is just a little advice, and of course most of it is built upon the steadfast pillars of common sense. Hopefully you benefit from it, and enjoy your first forays into the world of motorcycles and biking.

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