Indian Motorcycles Makes Comeback with New 2013 Models

With Indian Motorcycle’s conception in 1901, it began with a commitment to speed and distance. Over time, the company focused on providing an unrivaled product for American bikers. However, after World War II, the company struggled and ceased production of their products in 1953. It was believed that Indian Motorcycles was now history, and no longer available or successful in the public market. 

Thankfully, the company was bought out in 2011 by Polaris, which has been focused on breathing new life into this legendary motorcycle brand, and built upon the company’s original focus to create a historical icon, premium products, and maintain the American heritage so closely connected with Indian Motorcycles.

With the reinvention of Indian Motorcycle, Polaris has decided to create a few new models, while also picking up the look, style, and beauty of some of the vintage bikes from the 1940’s. The Indian Chief line of motorcycles include the Vintage FE, Vintage LE, Vintage, Dark Horse, and the Classic. All of these are similar to the previous versions of Indian Motorcycle brands, but updated to turn heads and allow bikers to enjoy a part of history.

While many collectors and motorcycle enthusiasts strive to own one of the original models of Indian Motorcycles, others are happy to see a brand new line-up that encompasses the beauty and precision that the past bikes were built upon. The 2013 Indian Chief lineup is a sight to see, and a wonderful way to enjoy a new motorcycle with a touch of history and vintage flair.

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