How to be a Good Motorcycle Passenger

Being a passenger on a motorcycle can be just as much fun as riding one and is great for people who are nervous about riding their own motorcycle or want to get a glimpse of the lifestyle, even if they don’t have their own bike. It’s important to remember, however, that being a passenger on a motorcycle is very different from being a passenger in most vehicles and some riders can be very particular about the kind of passenger they let ride with them. In order to be the best possible passenger the one that gets invited to ride all the time, here are a few simple tips.

How to Ride a Motorcycle with a Passenger

  1. Wear the right clothes. You need to be as prepared as the person actually handling the bike. Make sure you’ve got clothes that aren’t going to be ripped to shreds in the unlikely event of a crash. A warm motorcycle jacket that zips all the way up to the neck, gloves, and eye protection are most important. Always dress for the weather and keep this simple trick in mind: if it is a cold day, the ride will be much colder. If it is a hot day, the ride will be much hotter. Most of all, don’t wear anything that will interfere with the rider or the bike.


  1. Get your own helmet or make sure the rider’s spare fits. This is for safety reasons and to ensure that you have an enjoyable ride. The motorcycle helmet should be snug and unable to twist once it once it is on. If you ride a lot, having your own is easier than trying to adjust the spare to fit properly.


  1. Get on the motorcycle after the rider. Not only will this help to stabilize the motorcycle, it ensures that the rider can make sure you are not touching a part of the bike that is going to burn you. Always wait until the rider says it is alright to get on, and note that it is most common for people to mount and dismount the motorcycle from the left. Not waiting for the okay can cause the motorcycle to tip over, as he might not be ready for the shift in weight.


  1. Stay in tune with the rider. This is the most important tip ride with your hands on the rider’s hips. Because riders have to lean in order to turn the bike, it’s important that you know what he is doing and what you should be doing. Some riders like their passengers to lean with them. Others prefer for their riders to stay centered. Talk with your rider before riding so you know what to do and so that neither of your are surprised when the first curve comes.

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