Best Motorcycle Rides in Canada

With its miles and miles of highway, through many different types of terrain, Canada is full of scenic, exciting roads that are great for a rider looking for adventure and a beautiful roadside view. Whether you like steep and twisty mountain roads or long, calm highways through flat grasslands, Canada has a vista for you, with plenty of great towns and cities to stop off in for a bite to eat. Motorcyclists are loved and welcomed in Canada, with many venues along the road build just for you and your bike. Here are ten of the best motorcycle rides in Canada!

Westport Loop Starting off in Ontario and looping back around, this road is famous for its wildlife and for its rural feel. Most of the route twists through thick woodland areas. While most of the road is well taken care of, there are some patches that are a little rough.

Frank Miller Drive This scenic byway has some of the best roads in Canada, and takes you not only through hills and valleys, but also along Lake Muskoka and some of the country’s finest rivers. The countryside is dotted with picturesque little houses and you will feel as though you’ve been transported back in time.

Southwood Route Southwood is best known for the road itself, not for what’s on either side. If you are looking for an exciting ride and don’t mind that there isn’t too much too look at on the roadside, Southwood is a great route.

The Old Island Highway This route should be called Watch for Deer Highway, because there are herds everywhere during the entire year. The road itself meanders past farms, skirting a few small towns, and is a fairly leisurely ride.

Rosseau 632 This highway takes you along not only some rural communities that are stocked with beautiful houses, but also along some of Canada’s most beautiful lakes. This ride is especially beautiful in fall, as the leaves start turn red and orange.

Qu’appelle Valley Run One of the best roads in Canada, the Qu’appelle Valley Run swoops you down into the valley, and down to a few more exciting rides, once you’re through the straight portion.

The Canadian Rockies If you are a fan of mountain rides, there is none better than the Canadian Rockies. Not only is the road just twisty enough, there is also the promise of wildlife and beautiful mountain views.

Duffy Lake Route Starting off on Howe’s fjord, this road is famous for its roadside scenery, giving you glimpses of both lush countryside and clear blue lakes.

Great Day’s Run Taking you along the Bay of Fundy, there are great views of the water and the Canadian countryside. This road is a little rough at times, so be careful.

The Loyalist Parkway Following the river for most of this ride, the Loyalist Parkway has great views of classic Canada, with lush forests and fields, that are spectacularly green in the summer.

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