Getting Your Motorcycle Ready for the First Ride of Spring

The last of the winter snow is starting to melt, and the weather is warming up. While the signs of spring are starting to show, you might be starting to get excited about busting out your motorcycle from winter storage and gear it up for its first ride of the year. However, it is so important to make sure you take a few precautions before riding off with your bike fresh out of winter storage. Hopefully you followed our tips on how to winterize your motorcycle before you stored it during the snowy season. If so, prepping your ride for springtime will be relatively quick and easy! Let’s go over the different parts and areas of your bike that you will want to thoroughly evaluate and address before you head out on the open road to enjoy the springtime weather!


Hopefully you were able to use a motorcycle battery charger in order to keep your motorcycle battery charged over the winter months. As batteries have a tendency to discharge over longer periods of time, you could end up with a dead battery if you were unable to keep it charged on your own. Make sure to check the battery to ensure it is in good shape and fully charged before you take it out. If you think it may be low or have any feeling that it might not be up to par, consider replacing it with a new one for safety.

Checking Fluids

You will definitely want to do a fresh oil change before you ride your bike, as well as double-check your gas if you left any in the tank. Even if you changed your oil before you stored the bike for winter, it doesn’t hurt to give it another once-over, just as a precaution. Gas tends to separate over time and can clump in your engine. Best to top it off with new gas and check the oil before you head out! If you think about it next winter, you may want to consider a fuel stabilizer before you store it. However, a new tank of gas will fix the issue as well!

Check Valves and Plugs

This goes without saying. Make sure everything is tight, in place, and in great shape to ensure a safe first ride of the season.


Make sure everything is running fluid. You will want to make sure that your brake pads are properly lubricated, as well as anything else that may have stiffened up over the cold winter months. This is a great time to check the condition of your brake pads to make sure they’re not extremely worn or need replacing.


Even though you’ve likely given your bike a good cleaning before storage, it’s a great idea to wax it and clean it up to help it look stunning out on the road! Make sure all parts are clean, and any leather saddlebags are treated, and chrome is polished up nicely!

These are just a few ways to check over your bike come spring to get it ready for the warmer weather and perfect biking days! And don’t forget to update your wardrobe and maybe invest in a nice new pair of chaps or a stunning leather motorcycle jacket for those cooler spring mornings!

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