Customizing Your Motorcycle with Easy to Install Gauges, Parts & Accessories – Part 1

Let’s face it, we’re not all Jesse James with a garage-full of metal working tools that can fabricate a motorcycle out of recycled beer cans. I’ll admit, and my wife will admit it louder, that I’m not the most mechanically inclined biker in the group and if anyone of us brakes down on a ride, I’m usually not the first one to be asked to assist. That doesn’t mean however, that I can’t customize my own bike with some cool aftermarket parts that don’t require you to be an expert bike builder to install.

Let’s start with something super easy to install but look totally tricked out when added to your bike… motorcycle gauges, specifically clocks, thermometers and even compasses.  Not only do they look great but the gauges provide you with time, temperature and even direction. You can purchase a number of different mounting options for installation including handlebars, stem-nut, fork-lock and even gauges that can be stuck-on with 3M adhesive tape (what could be easier to install than that).  You can purchase gauges from 3 of the top manufacturers of aftermarket motorcycle clocks and thermometers from The Bikers’ Den. These brands include  the popular Riders’ Passion Clocks and Thermometers, affordable gauges by Clocks4Bikes and Formotion – who also manufacturer an old-school, non-digital motorcycle compass, as well as fantastic looking clocks and thermometers.


Another simple custom project for your motorcycle is something that most people wouldn’t think of as being able to be customized. If your bike uses a standard 5.75 inch or 7 inch round, 3 prong/12 volt headlight, BikerBulbz makes custom etched bulbs that are as easy to install as, well… changing your headlight. BikerBulbz has been providing these etched motorcycle bulbs for years and have been hot sellers on The Bikers’ Den website since they began carrying them several years ago.  And if you don’t find an already existing design that you like, BikerBulbz can even custom etch your design or even your club’s patch.
Part 2 of Customizing Your Motorcycle with Easy to Install Gauges, Parts & Accessories will continue with how to customize your bike and increase storage and carrying capacity with motorcycle bags & luggage, including universal throw-over leather saddlebags and for the more ambitious do-it-yourselfers, custom mounted fiberglass motorcycle hardbags.

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