Colorado Shooting Stains Biker Reputations Even More

Well, here we go. I was all set to share my shopping list of stuff for the new Evo for the Sportster – and the garage is getting full of boxes and the block is back from the machine shop… and some idiots had to go and get in a gun and knife fight at a bike show in Denver.

The other day, at the National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado some bike club members in leather decided that stabbing each other and a gunfight was a great thing to do at a motorcycle expo.

In Denver.


Marijuana is legal there! Why fight? Did somebody eat the last oreo?

Come on, guys! This wasn’t a sit-down between gangs like in Waco last spring – this was some idiots trying to kill each other in public.

We gotta do better.

As a guy who always carries at least a pocketknife and usually a concealed pistol, I can only think of a handful of times that I have ever pulled Colonel Colt’s Equalizer out in 20 years. Never in a crowded place. Never without fear for my life. Never where innocent folks could get hurt or killed.

Yet here we have some deranged fools thinking they are the new version of the Sons of Anarchy, making mess of a show and making us all look like fools.

I said it last spring and I’ll say it again: This makes all of us criminals. When you leave the bar after one beer, you are now going to be profiled. If you aren’t wearing a DOT helmet, you are going to get ticketed. These guys in Denver just made us all one-percenters and we didn’t do anything.


Do I know the whole story? Nope. But I know that there were kids there. Parents. Grandparents. Taxpayers. Probably a preacher or two as well.

All in the same gang now.

All for what I’ll bet we find out was a trivial affront to a misguided ego.

Last week, you may remember I wrote about that jackass from Texas that could care less if you, as a motorcycle enthusiast, live or die? Yeah. Guess what he’s thinking? “Told you they’re all vermin!”

How many other folks made that determination because we “look” scary? Now we are, too.

All you guys that want to ride through Colorado this year on the way to Sturgis or just take an amazing trip through beautiful country? Keep your nose clean. The cops are going to be on you and it appears that our own folks will be, too.

Now, if everybody can stay calm for a week, I’ll be able to give you the details on the Stage 3 build I’m doing on the Evolution. The only parts I still need to be delivered are the Rivera clutch and I’m hoping that the heads will be done this week. If not, I can still start putting everything together and I’m aiming to get 100 horses out of it. As light as this bike is, it is going to scream.

Keep the chrome side up-

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