Bigger is Better Mentality a Danger to Bikers

Well, with the demise of the Evo in my bike, I had planned on writing a little bit of what I was going to build into the new engine. Right now, I have a slew of parts on order and, as these project go, this one has started to suffer a little “scope creep” since I was able to score a bunch of free shipping.

Yeah. I’m easy to upsell.

Well, that’s what I was going to do, until a friend of mine in Baton Rouge posted a link to the International Brotherhood of Motorcycle Riders page on Facebook.

Now, I can’t confirm if this was real (I hope not) or just a troll online, but one “Clifford Gibson” of Odessa Texas posted on Facebook last year (yeah, I know I’m behind) a long rant that really just comes down to this:

“I do NOT care about bikers lives,” (yes, he did not use correct punctuation) is just one of the highlights that Mr. Gibson rants about. He goes on to imply that bikers aren’t smart enough to choose a bigger vehicle with a higher survivability rating in a crash – somehow we should all trade in our bikes and get large SUVs. Dirtbag.

Bigger is Better Mentality a Danger to Bikers

Guys, be careful out there.

This is the same idiocy that will kill too many of us this year. This idea that somehow because you have a bigger car, you are less culpable in an accident. In all the hundreds of thousands of miles I have logged in a car or a bike, I have never once seen a biker reading the morning paper, texting, or talking on a phone. I daresay that bikers are the more responsible drivers, since we know how high the stakes are for us in a crash. Whether you hit a Smartcar or a semi, if you go chrome-down on the highway, bikers don’t walk away.

I’m willing to bet, though, that when 80,000 pounds of dump truck is bearing down on this piece of **** on the highway, he gets all bent out of shape and screams offense at the big guy in the road.

I know most of us have our bikes up for the winter, and now I do, too, but guys, please, please, please – watch out. To have somebody willingly post this kind of childish rhetoric online – where it lives forever – is a threat, plain and simple. I guess I have to ask, when this schnook actually does kill a rider, what defense does he give? Now we know his true colors, so to me, it ceases to be vehicular manslaughter and goes straight to murder.

And the voting public could care less – about a dead rider or about this guy’s hatred of our way of life.

Ride smart, keep it out of the ditches, and keep your head on a swivel.

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