American Legend Rider Boots Have Arrived at The Den!

American Legend Rider Motorcycle Boots

Two things I personally cannot stand – sore feet and folks riding motorcycles with wimpy footwear.

Now, the sore feet thing is real – I spent what felt like years standing in all manner of boots and dress shoes.  Around the time I escaped from the Academy, “combat” style boots had gotten a makeover and suddenly, those uncomfortable “jungle” boots were going out of style.

I’m pretty sure I bought the first pair of Hi Tecs in my precinct, and I loved them.  They were like wearing sneakers disguised as combat boots.  My only complaint was they weren’t steel-toed, and I broke my big toe in an incident two years later.  It’s still crooked.

American Legend Rider Motorcycle Boots 2Flash forward nearly three decades, and I’m still looking for the perfect motorcycle boots.  Tough, durable, and not overly heavy.  Confession time?  I’ve got four pair of riding boots, plus two more I use for chores and clunking around the shop.  So, with all that in mind, I was tickled when The Boss called and told me The Bikers’ Den was going to begin carrying American Legend Motorcycle Boots.

They’re pretty slick.

As in, somebody is finally listening to what we need as riders and not simply passing off a work boot as a riding boot.

So here’s what I’m digging about American Legend riding boots:

  • They offer both handmade and machine made boots, depending on what you’re looking for.
  • They’re available with a variety of sole options – lugged, crepe-style, and a really aggressive “off road” style.
  • Steel toes are NOT the only way they know how to build boots.
  • American Legend is offering a variety of boot heights – from a low “work boot” style to a calf-height “combat” style, and that means you can wear what feels good, rather than what you can find.

In the end, we’ve all got our own ideas about what we want in a riding boot and I like the different options American Legend is giving us.  Personally, I’m tired of having to buy a work boot to play in or a “riding boot” that is overpriced and uncomfortable – or simply “rebranded” with this or that logo on it so the company can charge more.  I’m not seeing it with American Legend – they don’t apologize for who they are, they’re giving us quality motorcycle gear at a great price, and I’m trying to figure out how to sneak another pair into the house…

Handmade Leather Biker Boots - Upgraded Design (Black)High Quality Leather Skull Biker Boots - BrownLeather Riding Biker Boots - Black

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