Adaptations & Aids for Disabled Motorcycle Riders

Where a disability need not be a handicap! Disabled Motorcycle Riders is a website created for bikers & trike riders with a range of disabilities & handicaps you can virtually have a clutchless motorcycle, we manufacture some unique products unique to us , we want to share our passion for riding motorcycles & trikes and to help disabled motorcycle riders continue that enthusiasm, maybe for the first time or to help get you back on 2 or 3 wheel motorcycle & regain your independence.

Disabled Motorcycle Riders

We design and manufacture all of the products available on this site in the uk they are not cheap relabelled imports manufactured in the far east. Whether you are a disabled rider or potential rider disabled because of an accident, birth defect, illness, or other cause, the key to safe enjoyable motor cycle riding with a disabilities is researching and locating quality products suitable for purpose, Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a one-size-suits-all solution for bikers with a disability,

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