Top Radar Detectors for Motorcycles

Radar detectors are great thing to have if you like to speed on your bike here and there. They do make radar detectors specifically for bikes. However, you could always use a wireless radar detector that are made for cars, which I believe are better and cost less than a radar detector made specifically for motorcycles.

Recommend Motorcycle Radar Detectors

The TPX Radar and Laser Detectors 2.0 are made strictly for bikers. They are easy to install and usually connect somewhere right on your handlebars. This radar detector has an audio input and also a very bright LED light that will easy catch your attention and alert you when a cop is within area using a radar/laser gun. However, this particular radar detector is quite expensive and cost around $300 on Amazon. All in all, it has a great ratings and mostly positive reviews from its previous buyers.

What is a Radar Detector?Next, is the Escort Solo S3 wireless radar detector made by Escort. Escort makes some of the best radar detectors on market for motorist. This $250 radar detector is great for bikes because it’s wireless and is very efficient at picking up radar/laser signals from a good distance. It has multiple setting allows you set choosing a highway or city mode setting for max performance. It uses a DPS technology that stands for digital processing signal that allows it to quickly pick up radar and laser bands from far away and alert you fast enough to slow down before coming up on the police officer.

A radar detector is an electronic device that motorist and bikers use to find out whether their speed is being monitored by law enforcement. Cop use a thing called radar/laser guns that can tell them how fast you are going. Having a radar detector gives you an advantage knowing whether or not there is a police officer in the area using a radar/laser gun.

Why use one?

Well, that’s an easy question if you’re a true biker. When you own a bike and like to ride a lot, I’m sure just like almost every other bike out on the road; we have a tendency to speed from time to time. And we all know that speeding on your bike is not very hard to do and the speeding tickets can be quite expensive. However, having a motorcycle radar detector you can reduce your chance out on the open road from getting a speeding ticket.

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