10 Things Bikers Can Do While Your Motorcycle is Stored for the Winter

You’ve winterized your bike and packed it away so that it is ready and willing to go on some great rides once the snow melts. But what do you do while you’re waiting for that day? Don’t be tempted to pull that motorcycle out of storage and take it out on the icy streets. Instead, we’ve come up with ten things you can do while your bike is put up for the winter.


  1. Revamp your motorcycle gear. If you have real leather motorcycle gear, winter is the perfect time to give it a little TLC. You’ll have plenty of time to get them nice and clean and read for the next riding season, well before it actually comes along.
  2. Get new riding gear. Just because the snow has melted doesn’t mean it’s going to be warm enough to go without cold-weather riding gear. Researching and picking out your new gear well before it’s time to get back out on the roads is the best plan of action.
  3. Research bike improvement tips. Have you always wanted to make some improvements to your bike, but have been too busy riding it to learn about how to make those improvements? Now’s the time.
  4. Get involved with the online community. There are lots of bikers online, just waiting to discuss everything from the best rides to the best motorcycle with other enthusiasts.
  5. Get back in biking shape. Riding a motorcycle is an endurance sport you want to be prepared for even the longest rides.
  6. Catch up on Sons of Anarchy. We know not all (or even most) motorcyclists live that life, but it’s still a great show.
  7. Catch up on Game of Thrones. This one isn’t really motorcycle related. If you’ve been too busy riding to watch the new season get on it.
  8. Pick out a new motorcycle. You would never switch to a new motorcycle but winter is the perfect time to fantasize about it. Your current bike will never find out.
  9. Convince your extended family that motorcycle riding is not that dangerous. Most people have to attend a lot of family functions during the winter. Your relatives are probably going to get after you for riding. Take the time to set them straight.
  10. Sit and wait for spring. If you’ve exhausted the list, the only left to do is to wait for the snow to melt.
  11. OK, if you absolutely must ride, attach a sidecar to your bike, install a snow blade and earn some money clearing your neighbors driveways…

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