Sadly It’s That Time of Year… Winterizing Your Motorcycle

Southern Americans may have no idea why we in Canada and the Northern states even need to winterize our motorcycles and conversely, those who experience real winters have no idea what it’s like not to. Imagine… having the freedom to ride all year long, sigh.  In any event, if you live in a colder climate, you need to worry about winterizing your motorcycle to ensure it’ll run as well as it did this summer considering severe damage can occur during severe weather.

Winterizing a motorcycle

If you decide not to winterize your bike, your bike may experience the following:

  • Condensation and rust occuring  in the gas tank if not filled during winter
  • Battery may freeze and lose charge
  • Tires, Seats and Body can deteriorate if exposed to  severe cold, wind, snow and not covered
  • Chain and sprockets  may loose lubrication… minor issue as this should be checked in spring
  • Tires losing air pressure… also another minor issue as this should also be checked before your first ride after winter.


Winterizing Your Motorcycle


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