Motorcycles on the Battlefield and at War

Motorcycles have an interesting past being used in many roles over the years, including being used in warfare and on the battlefield. Motorcycle enthusiasts are sometimes surprised to learn the extent that the motorcycle has changed warfare. Companies such as Royal Enfield, Triumph, Harley-Davidson, and BMW all helped supply motorcycles for troops engaged in war during both World War 1 and World War 2.

These motorcycles were used due to the fact that a motorcycle could go where no car or other vehicle could. From roads to dirt, motorcycles could go almost anywhere. Due to their lightweight nature versus other mobile alternatives, motorcycles were even designed to be dropped from airplanes by parachute along with troops. Germany as well as the Allied Forces both utilized motorcycles during the Second World War, with some 90,000 motorcycles produced for the American military alone. In 1991, during Desert Storm, motorcycles were again used in Iraq and Afghanistan by American soldiers.

Motorcycles are unmatched when it comes to their speed, agility, and versatility on foreign ground. These two-wheelers have helped soldiers maneuver on uneven territory and allow for off-road transportation where other vehicles cannot reach. They are fast, agile, and unsurpassed by any four-wheel motor vehicle used at battle.

Motorcycles continue to have a use in war on the battlefield by soldiers from all countries, and the brotherhood that many found at battle oftentimes melds into national motorcycle clubs. Many motorcycle clubs are founded by soldiers who have left the military and are still looking for that sense of belonging that they once found and cherished while fighting for their country. There are many military-related clubs all across the nation that offer this same feeling of closeness that being an American soldier instilled within them. Many join these clubs after their enlistment has ended, and they find themselves looking for that same sense of belonging that they once had fighting with others for freedom.

These two-wheelers have a bright and promising future in the military, and provide a source of transportation that no other military vehicle has been able to match. From paved roads to off-roads, military motorcycles will continue to be used in war for their amazing ability to break the barriers that other vehicles cannot.

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