Looking for Advice on Starting Up a Motorcycle Club

We received an email from a biker in Australia about starting a motorcycle club so we thought we’d ask club members for any advice they can provide. Peter wrote us the following regarding the startup of a motorcycle club…

“I’m keen to start a motorcycle club in Adelaide South Australia. Simply we want a club consisting of mature professional men that live a clean cut life, and want to give something back to the community. However, I’m not a serving police officer nor are my friends. I am of greek descent and have given considerable thought to starting a club known as SPARTANS MC. I can appreciate the benefits of being aligned to a club consisting of decent guys.”

If any of you has information for Peter and his friends to help them start up a new motorcycle club, please post them here on our blog. Let’s get them started in the right direction so they can enjoy and spread the brotherhood of bikers and the motorcycle community.

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4 thoughts on “Looking for Advice on Starting Up a Motorcycle Club

  • mac

    First thing i would suggest is make sure there isn’t a already a club of the same name. i’ve got a MC list on my website and a link to a worldwide directory at http://onehandedbikers.org/category/classic-gallery/
    If you are just a group of like minded clean cut mates, there really shouldn’t be a problem. a chat with other clubs in your area or at local bike meets wouldn’t go amiss.

  • Darla

    I certainly do not know about on the side of the world, But here, well there are certain rules and customs That older established MC’s would expect them to abide by when creating a new MC. (If it is a 3 piece patch club.) You must follow the rules closely or do your own thing and be prepared to Man up when you go in somewhere and another club tells you to “Remove your colors or leave” because they are not recognized. Do your homework and research.

  • Bikers Den

    Thank you for the advice, Darla and Mac. We appreciate you taking the time to help this new club out. If anyone else has any suggestions or advice on starting a MC, please don’t hesitate to post it here.

    • Peter

      Hi Pete, I believe that there was an OMC in Adelaide during the ’70s called the Spartans ( a mate of mine rode with them ). It had about 15-20 members ( western suburbs ). . Like many smaller clubs of that era, I think they either patched over …. or were closed down. Food for thought. Cheers, Peter.