Innovative Android Phone Application for Motorcyclists

Despite what their name may suggest, Dead Kitty Software is very much about the living and, more specifically, in keeping motorcycle riders alive. In the unfortunate case of an accident, Dead Kitty Software’s application, called “Guardian Angel” will send a text message to a contct(s) that you enter during setup. The text message will even include your position so that recipients will be able to provide life saving information to emergency personnel responding to your accident.

Guardian Angel works by detecting when the ear buds (headphones) cord have been disconnected from your phone and can be setup 2 ways. If you carry your phone in your pocket during your motorcycle rides, you would secure the ear buds to your bike (tying the ends of the ear buds to your handlebars works). If you have a phone mount on your bike that you use to hold your phone while you ride, you would attach the ear buds to your jacket or vest or belt loop.

The idea is, if you are separated from you motorcycle (which usually happens in most motorcycle accidents) the cord that connects your headphones/ear buds will disconnect and will alert your loved ones of your location so they can contact 911 and get help to you as quickly as possible. In the event of riding in remote locations or late at night in which traffic is light, the Guardian Angel could end up saving value time where getting help as quickly as possible is of utmost importance.

This application is currently only available for Android phones and is absolutely free to install and free to use. No trial periods, no fees for added functionality. After reviewing this Dead Kitty Software application, we’ve concluded that any application that focuses on motorcycle safety is a wonderfu thing. Although a seemingly simple solution, DKS developers have created a unique and completely innovative way to keep motorcycle riders safer and ultimately, alive.

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