Finding and Joining the Right Motorcycle Club for You

Motorcycle clubs offer riders a sense of belonging and friendship that they might not otherwise find in their every day lives. While we may be friends with our coworkers and our family, sometimes it is nice to have a group of friends that feel like our second family with the same passions as we have. With motorcycle clubs, many riders like the idea of belonging to a group of individuals that have a love for motorcycling.

Motorcycle clubs are offered all over the world. Some motorcycle clubs are religion based, others are created for military members, and some are just created to offer a sense of brotherhood among the members. While some clubs may actually have a bad rap for their activities (such as drugs and prostitution), others may have a bigger purpose. There are even motorcycle clubs for individuals who have struggled with alcoholism or a past of drug use, and these riding friendships can offer guidance and a sense of being for those who may feel lost in the world. Most motorcycle clubs, regardless of affiliation or ideology, also offer fun group riding events as well as charity rides and social events.

It is relatively easy to find a motorcycle organization or club to join. There are several websites that have forums and directories of motorcycle clubs listings, and sort them out by location, bike type, and purpose. From law enforcement clubs to women-only clubs, there are all sorts of groups that you may find a connection to in one way or another. Whether you want to ride with other Harley Davidson owners decked out in your Harley Gear, or with people that share the same profession, you can be sure to find a club that will suit you if you take the time to look for and talk to local bikers in your area.

Once you have found one, you will typically link up to a website that offers further information about the club. You can learn about their philosophies, their purpose, and their mission, and will likely learn about some of their local events. As a rider looking to join the club, you will want to do your research and possibly attend some of their public events. This would give you the perfect opportunity to meet with some of the members and find out if you click. Many websites will also have contact information such as emails in order to get in contact with chapter leader and learn more about becoming a part of the group. However, be aware that some groups are invite only, but by being a part of the local motorcycle community, you may strike an invite if you hit it off with a member or two of your dream club.

Being part of a motorcycle club may be just what you need to give purpose and meaning back to your weekends, and give you a sense of brotherhood with other members that share the same passions as you.

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