Benefits of Using Carbon Fiber For Motorcycle Helmets

When it comes to choosing the perfect gear for your riding apparel, you need to know that material used in the manufacturing process are as important as the design of your motorcycle helmet, jacket or boots. You have probably already heard of this great material that has appeared on the automobile and motorcycle markets in the past few years, namely carbon fiber. The benefits for using carbon fiber for motorcycle helmets are numerous, but in this article we will highlight the most important. This material consists of extremely thing fibers with a diameter of about 0005-0010 mm, and it is composed mostly of carbon atoms.

The carbon atoms gather together to for microscopic crystals which are more or less parallel to the long axis of the fiber. Several thousand of carbon fibers are twisted together to form a yarn, which can be used as such or in the form of fabric. Components constructed from carbon fiber are very lightweight and durable. They can be successfully used for cars and trucks, as well as airplanes, boats, motorcycle helmets because they provide safety and help in obtain a good aerodynamics coefficient. As you probably knew, a lighter car will require a less powerful engine, thus having a lower fuel consumption.

Even though theĀ carbon fiber motorcycle helmets are lighter compared to the helmets constructed from other materials, they include a great safety level. But the carbon fiber has its own downsides as well. First of all, this material is really difficult to recycle and the manufacturing process is far more expensive compared to other materials, such as steel or aluminum. Some particular motorcycle helmets can contain up to 11 layers of carbon fibers. Even though the high number of layers, the helmets are extremely light and offer a really modern look.

In comparison with steel and aluminum, the manufacturing process needed to obtain the carbon fiber is more expensive and will also take more time. Moreover, in case of an accident, objects that are created from carbon fiber will not be able to take their initial form, such as the objects that are created from aluminum or steel. However, despite the fact that we cannot recycle or repair the objects created out of carbon fiber, this particular material will be used increasingly more in the design of various objects related to the automobile and motorcycling word, including the motorcycle helmets.

People that love motorcycles in general will surely recognize the benefits of using carbon fiber for motorcycle helmets. The helmets that are manufactured from this material are lighter and offer increased comfort for the wearer. They also come in different sizes and models in order to satisfy the needs of each customer. However, even though they are lighter and smaller compared to other helmets made out of different materials, they still respect the DOT Certification standards. Another great advantage of the motorcycle helmets consists on the fact that they are able to absorb forces of an impact far greater compare to other materials.

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