Monthly Archives: January 2015

Modify Your Motorcycle: Key Factors

If you ask any avid biker just what makes motorcycles so sexy, they’ll give you a number of reasons. It’s the truest way to travel, with the open road and the wind in your face, the elegant engineering and rugged wear and tear, and the people and the culture which comes along for the ride. […]

Electric Motocross for Children

There is a new alternative for children who ride dirt bikes or race in Motocross. The Silent Mini Thunder is the first electric motocross bike especially designed for kids. The Silent Mini Thunder only weighs 69 lbs so it is a lot easier for kids to handle and parents to pick up. RAFFE Bikes is […]

Motorcycle Therapy: On the Road Again

It’s not hard to convince people that there is something legendary about hitting the road on a pair of wheels. The lure of the landscape, the thrill of soaring across turf and tarmac as the engine purrs might be timeless cliches, but they resonate true in the heart of every biker. While the winter months […]