Fox Creek Leather Vests – Keeping America Working

Whether you’re looking for a classic style leather motorcycle vest or a more modern “Sons of Anarchy” style of leather vest, Fox Creek Leather has what you’re looking for.  Not only does Fox Creek Leather offer the most popular styles of biker vests, each one is hand crafted in the United States! Purchasing a vest made in America, by a reputable manufacturer like Fox Creek Leather, can ensure that your vest is of ultimate quality and craftsmanship and you can feel good knowing you are helping keep America working.


Not only does Fox Creek Leather manufacture premium USA Made motorcycle gear for men, they also produce amongst the best  in Women’s motorcycle apparel including a full line of Women’s Leather Motorcycle Vests proudly made in America.

Fox Creek Leather is a small family run company in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwestern Virginia. They take pride in offering high quality American-made motorcycle leathers at reasonable prices. All of  Fox Creek Leather’s line of jackets, vests, and chaps are covered by their lifetime guarantee. Fox Creek Leather offers superior, unmatched customer service and caters to motorcycle enthusiasts looking for high quality American made items at reasonable prices. We sell USA Manufactured motorcycle jackets, chaps, vests, boots, gloves, saddlebags and more.

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