Drayko Motorcycle Jeans – Proudly Made in the USA

Proudly manufactured in the United States, Drayko’s revolutionary lining takes advantage of Dyneema’s amazing strength to weight ratio to deliver unrivalled safety and comfort. The Drayko lining features a unique combination of Kevlar and Dyneema, the World’s Strongest Fiber; and is soft, breathable, flexible, non-allergenic, and vastly superior to basic woven or knitted Kevlar alternatives.

Being the most technically advanced motorcycle jeans in the world, Drayko acknowledges that safety is paramount. Drayko believes that with stretch denims, wax coatings, mid waist lines and colourful detailing, the Drayko product range will offer all riders the freedom of choice they deserve. By engineering their revolutionary lining into products designed and built by motorcycle riders, for motorcycle riders, Drayko has been able to develop a range that delivers unequalled safety, comfort and style.

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