Open Face 3/4 Shell Helmets

Open face helmets, also known as ¾ helmets, offer a classic and stylish choice for motorcycle riders. Unlike their full-face counterparts, these helmets feature an open design that allows you to feel the wind on your face as you ride. While providing essential head protection, many open face helmets come with clear composite face shields, shielding your eyes from wind, bugs, and debris. At The Bikers’ Den, you can explore a range of open face helmet options, from traditional designs reminiscent of the 1950s to more contemporary styles with wind visors.

Sick Lid Smallest Retro Open Face Motorcycle Helmet - Black

Sick Lids 3/4 Shell Retro Helmets by WSB

Beanie Helmets Open Face

Beanie Helmets Open Face

Voss 501 Open Face Bobber Helmet - Dull Black

Voss Open Face 3/4 Shell Bobber Helmets