Open Face 3/4 Shell Helmets

Open Face 3/4 Shell Helmets - DOT Certified

There’s nothing more classically stylish than an open face motorcycle helmet. Unlike more modern designs, these open face helmets, sometimes called ¾ helmets, do not have a guard across the front of your face. Instead, many have clear, composite face shields that keep wind, bugs, and dirt out of your eyes. These contrast from full face helmets, which completely encompass the head. If you like the feeling of wind on your face while riding your motorcycle, an open face motorcycle helmet is the style for you. While there are more traditional designs that look as if they’ve been plucked right out of the 1950s, there are more contemporary designs that look just as stylish, but also feature a wind visor. In some instances, these visors can be pushed back so you can still enjoy the sensation of air on your face.

Arai Open Face Motorcycle Helmets
Arai Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

Shoei Open Face Helmets
Shoei Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

Nolan Open Face Helmets
Nolan Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

AGV Open Face Helmets
AGV Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

HJC Open Face Helmets
HJC Open Face & Half Shell Motorcycle Helmets

Speed and Strength Helmets
Speed and Strength Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

Open face helmets are just as functional as other types of helmets, with the same cushioning and protection that you need in case of an accident. If you are looking for a helmet that will protect you in the unlikely event of an accident, as well as complete a more traditional motorcycle outfit, go for an open face helmet. All the style and protection you need, without draining your bank account. Whether you want to look like a classic 50s greaser or a 70s speed racer, look no further than open face motorcycle helmets.