Men’s Schott NYC Leather Flight & Bomber Jackets

When you think of a classic leather motorcycle jacket, you either think of the vintage dispatch rider’s jacket, or of a bomber jacket. Worn by pilots and motorcycle riders alike, since the beginning of the century, bomber and flight jackets are two of the most iconic styles in American motorcycle gear. Schott NYC is also an icon of American motorcycle gear, with more than a century of leather jacket history experience. They were the first brand to put a zipper on a leather jacket and have been making waves in American motorcycle fashion ever since. They are the first and last word on classic American leather motorcycle jackets, having been around since the very beginning of the motorcycle era and still thriving today, making high-quality leather jackets for riders of all kinds.

Schott NYC is responsible for creating some of the best leather flight and bomber jackets, which are a staple of motorcycle Americana. It doesn’t get much more classic than this, with special features designed to keep a rider warm when riding during cold weather, and cool while riding in warm weather. With a range of colors to choose from and styles that range from the very vintage to the more modern, it’s easy to pick a men’s Schott NYC leather flight and bomber jacket that matches your personal style.