Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Gear

From the moment the company was formed, Fox Creek Leather made their pieces 100% from scratch, from American materials. The company still follows those same rules today and uses only American leather, accents, and craftsman to make their pieces. With designs inspired by classic motorcycle style and made in the USA, it just doesn’t get much more American than Fox Creek Leather motorcycle gear. You won’t just find jackets and pants, you’ll find chaps, gloves, and even saddlebags made with care.

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Where else can you get American made leathers with a lifetime guarantee? Very few other places. Fox Creek Leather is one of the only remaining family-owned, handmade motorcycle gear companies in the world. Based at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, they have had their hand in shaping American motorcycle style and culture for more than thirty years, starting with the owner, Paul Trachy, selling leather at swap meets, parties, and races. During the 1970s and 1980s, when Trachy first began selling his goods, most people who rode motorcycles participated in the counter culture. They were rebels and renegades. These were two of the defining decades in American motorcycle culture, and out of them, was born Fox Creek Leather. Trachy was a craftsman before he started his business and he carried that attention to detail into the designs that he chose for his line of premium motorcycle gear.