Your Thoughts on Lane Splitting – Should Motorcycles Lane Split?

Over the last week on our Facebook page, we’ve been asking visitors to let us know what they think about lane splitting.  As you can imagine, we’ve received many opinions, some stronger than others, supporting both sides of this issue. For example…

Jeff M. commented: “I hate it when people do it through stopped traffic while traveling at speed. There is just too much risk of someone doing something silly and if you crash your bike, you’ve tied up traffic even further.”

Andy M. said: “Only a fool would lane split. Those that do give riders a bad name.”

Dan V. feels: “Moving traffic no, when roads become a parking lot I do, most Aussie cagers accept it and give the bike room, why should bikers contribute to the congestion.”

Jen Z. writes: “I ride as much as I can and I have been told by cagers that THAT is one reason why they don’t like bikers. It’s showing off and I don’t like it when they do it either. It’s dangerous and it really shows ignorance on the biker’s part.”

Last but not least, according to Tim F. “I loved it in cal. I find my self doing it in North Carolina and the cops don’t think it’s funny but I get where I am going quicker I wish they would make it legal here!”

We want to hear from you! Please visit The Bikers’ Den Facebook Page now to visit our Lane Splitting Post and let us know your thoughts on this subject.

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6 thoughts on “Your Thoughts on Lane Splitting – Should Motorcycles Lane Split?

  • Caesar

    I have only done it in one state (California) where it’s considered legal to do. I only did it when traffic was at or near a standstill. Most drivers were pretty courteous and moved over to allow me room enough to pass. It sure helped to keep my air cooled engine from overheating and I appreciated being able to do it. I don’t think I would do it in states where it was not allowed because you would encounter drivers who would try to screw with you.

  • PaPaEo

    its your life, your license, your bike, if you are willing to jeopardize all, good luck, but if you hurt others in the process, your going to jail.

  • Javier

    If it’s legal, go for it! Just be cautious, drive slow and be alert. In cities where the traffic is heavy, idling for long periods does no good to your air cooled engine, specially in the summer.