WSB Helmets – Smallest DOT Certified Beanie Helmets

Let’s face it, there are a lot of helmets out there. Whether you like full face, ¾, or our favorite, the beanie, every manufacturer has different ideas on what “fit” and “safety” seem to mean. Sure, you could slap a sticker on a novelty helmet, but for some of us, safety gear is critical and beanies, as much as we love them, are hard to get “right.” By the time most companies get beanies strong enough to be street legal, they’re heavy, awkward, and just plain too big.

Crazy Als Beanie Helmets by WSB - Smallest and Lightest DOT Helmets

WSB Helmets – that stands for World’s Smallest Beanie, by the way, is just that – the lightest, smallest, DOT-legal helmet on the market today. Crazy Al’s designed the WSB to put a stop to mushroom head and to make riding legal easier than ever. By creating a DOT-approved beanie that weighs less than a pound, they’ve made it easy to not be a squid and still have all the right looks.WSB Helmets - World's Smallest DOT Certified Beanie Helmets

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