Viking Bags: The Ultimate in Motorcycle Hardbags, Saddlebags & Luggage

Here are 4 Simple Reasons why Viking motorcycle bags are the most popular for Luggage solution. Viking Bags carry Over 200 variety luggage options in various designs making them the Largest Motorcycle bags company in the world.Motorcycle Saddle Bags and Sissy Bar Bags by Viking Bags have been specially designed for every make and model of motorcycle such as Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph, Honda and many more. Get the perfect match that suits your bike and fits it like glove.

1- Super strong reinforced Construction Used in Motorcycle Bags

In order to ensure that their saddlebags for motorcycles do not sag, Viking further reinforces their leather and synthetic leather bags with powder coated steel frames or a Fiber Glass body inside both the bags and lids. The construction alone sets Viking above any other manufacturer of motorcycle luggage. Fiber glass hard bodies and plastic reinforcement in the lids make  them retain their shape and prevents sagging.

2- Motorcycle Saddle Bags Mounting Hardware and Accessories

Each bag comes with Free Mounting Hardware. Most other companies charge extra for these mounting kits, however, Viking provides complete solutions to all their customers.

3- Key locking system for Saddle Bags

Each set of Viking Motorcycle saddlebag is equipped with state of Art Key locking system. No more fear of getting things stolen or being forced to use big, ugly pad locks.

4- Motorcycle Luggage Quick Release system

Viking’s Bullet Quick Release System allows you to get in the Saddle bags without going through the hassle of buckling and unbuckling the bags each time.


Additional Things you must know before Buying Bags for Your Motorcycle

When buying Motorcycle luggage one must keep in mind the following. As you know most motorcycles do not come with bags. As a result, motorcyclists have to make sure that they buy bags that are motorcycle specific or compatible to your bike. The term ‘motorcycle-specific’ means that the bags do not need a turn signal relocation kit in order to be mounted on. Motorcycle riders who have experience with relocating their turn signal would tell you that it is tedious task.

The second dilemma most motorcycle riders face after buying motorcycle saddlebags is the unavailability and/or price of the mounting hardware. We at Viking Bags believe in offering our customers a complete motorcycle luggage solution. For this reason, we offer mounting hardware for every set of motorcycle saddlebags and also for other variety luggage options we sell, all bags come with complete accessories ready to be used; we also include easy to follow mounting instructions.

The third important factor when shopping for a motorcycle luggage solution is the security of your personal belongings. Viking bags has met this challenge by making most of the bags lockable.

The fourth and final aspect to consider is the access to the bag. During the ’80s and ’90s motorcyclist had difficulty accessing their Motorcycle saddlebags because traditional leather bags were not equipped with quick release buckle for easy access. This is why all Viking Motorcycle Saddlebags are equipped with quick release buckle for easy access.

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