Top US Motorcycle Routes – Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

If a motorcycle route that winds through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado is your idea of a wonderful trip, you may want to strongly consider the scenic bends that take you through the Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Winter Park, and Granby. This stretch along US highways 34 and 40 offer amazing views off mountain roads and brings you through several small city roads as well. Part of this 200 mile stretch takes you through the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and provides beautiful photo ops all throughout.

This route, which takes approximately six hours of ride time, can easily stretch into a whole day’s trip. It takes you up 6,500 feet through the rocky hills, offering both climbs and descents at about a 20% slope. These breathtaking views make the Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park motorcycle route one of the most scenic, beautiful stretches of US highway roads.

This curvy route takes you through several small tourist towns, including Estes Park, that offer diners to eat and great places to gas up when on the way. Motorcyclists should be prepared with cash for the national park’s $10 entrance fee, which is charged per bike. The fee is worth it for the spectacular views of the mountains that you can enjoy through the park stretch of the route.

This US motorcycle route is definitely a great day-long trip that can provide for amazing photographs and a wonderful tour of Colorado’s most breathtaking display of nature!

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