Tips for Fly and Ride Motorcycle Vacations

Say you want to take a motorcycle vacation in another country? Or even just across the country, but you don’t want to waste half of your vacation riding to the place you actually want to experience? While motorcycle riding is about the journey, not the destination, once you’ve exhausted all of the journeys in your area, it may be time to start considering a fly and ride vacation. This way, you can spend more time enjoying new roads and the open air, than traveling to your newest ride.

Fly and Ride Motorcycle Vacations

Of course, unless you’re willing to spring for a private jet, you may not be able to take your beloved bike with you. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Before you get on the plane, research the motorcycle rental companies located at your destination. Find one that has a bike you are familiar with and a reasonable rate. You are likely going to want to reserve the motorcycle before you arrive, so that you are guaranteed a vehicle. Some companies even provide luggage storage services and may pick you up at the airport, so you don’t even have to worry about finding the company once you’ve arrived.


If you are adventurous, this might be the perfect time to check out a bike you’ve always wanted to test out but have never before had the chance. Many riders opt for the same model as they own, to make the transition smooth and easy. Before signing your contract, make sure you know the rental requirements, the local helmet and safety laws, and any insurance that needs to be filed.


Packing is probably the most difficult aspect of getting ready for a fly and ride motorcycle vacation. If you are planning on being gone for more than a week, you likely have a lot of gear you want to bring, no matter whether your climate is hot or cold. Unless you can find a way to carry all of that gear onto the plane, the best way to make sure it arrives at your destination safe and sound and on time, is to ship it.


Consider this: most airlines charge a steep fee for checking more than one bag (or even for checking a single bag). Those fees multiply exponentially if your bag is over the weight limit. And then there is the possibility that your bag or bags won’t actually make it to your destination, throwing a huge wrench into your plan. Instead of adding all of those costs and uncertainty into your trip, pack everything up a few days before you board the plane and ship it to your hotel.


To reduce space and keep your pack organized, try rolling your clothes instead of folding them and packing outfits together so you don’t have to dig to find what you are looking for. And have a safe flight and a great ride!

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