Thanks for Stealing my Beanie Helmet, Jerk!

Okay, this is ludicrous. I had to meet with the Associate Dean of a local university this morning – I’m talking to him about some different courses that the school is offering to the blue collar guys – and while I was there, some sum-bitch stole my lid off my bike.

I mean, who wants a used beanie?

I literally was in Scott’s office for an hour and when I came out, no hat on the bike.

I even convinced myself that I had taken it into his office, went up, asked him, retraced my steps, no helmet. Obviously, some little #@&% took my beanie off my bike for no other reason than to steal something. Unbelievable.

The worst part was that I couldn’t very well leave, so I had to call campus security, then a buddy of mine who rides for the Sheriff’s office to get a lid, then, two hours later, I finally get home. Insane.

The one bit of good news is that I was parked in such a way as to be visible to the campus’s security cameras, so maybe – just maybe – they can figure out who it was.

I’m still amazed. I’ve been riding nearly 25 years and this is the first time anything stupid like that has happened. I mean, sure, if I was in a big city, I wouldn’t have left my helmet on the bike. But here in a little town with low crime? On a Monday morning?

I guess I’m old-fashioned. I just don’t think about taking stuff that isn’t mine – especially if I have no need for it. I know for a fact that there is nobody riding a cruiser on campus – the handful of riders there are all on crotch rockets and I’ve talked to most of them over the last few years. That means that nobody that would have been there would have a “need” for a beanie. Those guys are all full-face guys.

The way I see it was that some little jackass saw the beanie and thought it’d be cool to pilfer it. The worst part is that I know it is just going to get thrown away and never used – probably have beers served in it a time or two, then get tossed.

Duh-mazing. First they want to run us off the road, now we aren’t even safe parked! It’s enough to make me want to buy an SUV. On the bright side, I already ordered a new WSB Helmet from The Bikers’ Den before I sat down to write this, so I guess I can break in the new engine and a new skid-lid this Spring.

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