Summer is Finally Here – Time for Vented Motorcycle Gear

Staying comfortable this summer shouldn’t compromise your safety while enjoying your ride. Although we know how uncomfortable it is sitting in traffic with all your heavy gear on with no escape from the sun, we can’t recommend riding in shorts, muscle shirts and sandals. Don’t worry, however, as motorcycle gear manufacturer’s are developing leading edge technology that allows for ultimate ventilation without sacrificing protection. This means that you can still wear your protective gear and stay cool with maximum air flow through your jacket, pants, gloves, helmet and even boots.

Now is the perfect time to pick up a Men’s Textile/Mesh Motorcycle Jacket for the warm weather riding season. These non-leather jackets will keep you comfortable as well as safe during your summer rides. With the latest styles from top motorcycle gear manufacturers such as Joe Rocket and Scorpion EXO, there is no better time for you to pick up a new jacket that will make you the envy of all your riding buddies.

Be Hot without Overheating with the Ladies Joe Rocket Cleo 2.0 Textile Motorcycle Jacket. The most popular ladies mesh jacket series in motorcycling gets freshened up with a new graphic treatment and features a high-flow FreeAirâ„¢ mesh ventilated torso reinforced with resistantRockTexâ„¢ at the shoulders, forearms, ribs and hips.

European inspired styling with a Gore-Tex® membrane make the TCX Airtech Riding Boots the most breathable, waterproof boot on the market. This motorcycle boot is not for the cold blooded due to its extreme venting. Side impact and malleolus (ankle) protection. Now you don’t have to give up protection for comfort during warmer spring, summer and fall rides.

Textile motorcycle gloves are a good alternative to leather when you require vented hand protection for warm weather riding. Carrying the best brands allows The Den to provide you with the best quality non-leather motorcycle gloves on the market. With mesh textile gloves from manufacturers Joe Rocket and Scorpion EXO, you’re sure to find a pair of summer motorcycle gloves that will keep you comfortable, safe and in style.

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