Sneakily Treat Yourself to Biker Gear this Shopping Season

Well here we are – the silly season is upon us, half the country is snowed under, and chances are, your Fantasy Team is sucking wind.

Now’s the time to get excited! See, for one, Mother Davidson won 1-2 at the NHRA Worlds a few weeks ago, with Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle riders Ed Krawiec and Andrew Hines closing out the 2015 NHRA Mello Yello Countdown to the Championship as winners and world champions. Krawiec rode his Harley-Davidson V-Rod motorcycle to victory in the Pro Stock Motorcycle Auto Club NHRA Finals in Pomona, Calif., and Hines successfully defended his NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle title and secured his fifth career world championship in the class.

But that’s not why you should be excited. See, because its cold, because the bike is put away, now is the time to strike! Your significant other will never suspect that you are secretly stockpiling bike goodies this time of year! Here’s how it works:

You want to start by buying a few legitimate gifts for the family – all online. Get them shipped to the house. Make sure you aren’t the one that carries them in the house. Instruct a junior family member to just put any boxes addressed to you into your closet or the garage and tell you when you get home.

Now, after a week or so of this – and remember – we need to be dealing with large boxes here. We want the kiddos to struggle to moving these boxes. That’s when you strike! Pull up and order whatever you need. When the gear gets to your house, the kids will have given up trying to guess what it is and just pile it in with the rest of the stuff. When the time comes to wrap it all up, you can just quietly slip your new gear into a safe place – say under the tarp covering your ride, and wrap up the presents for everybody else.

Another handy trick is to order bike gear for your family in your size. My ex-wife hated the chaps that I bought her, but it turns out that they were just my size. Must’ve been a mispick at the warehouse, because I’m sure I had ordered her some stuff from Victoria’s Secret. When my son turned 3, I went ahead and got him involved in riding, but the beanie that I got him was a little too big, so I kept it for a few years until he grew into it. Looks like it’ll be a perfect fit now that he’s almost 17. And I got free shipping!

This is the time of year for strategy, and I want you to know that I’m here if you need it. I’ll try to post a few more ideas for you as we get closer to Christmas, but the UPS truck just pulled up across the street.

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