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Chamberlain’s Leather Milk consists of a variety of premium leather care products. In general, our products are designed to clean, condition, refresh, and protect quality leather items (we do not recommend their use on vinyl’s or faux-leather surfaces, though no harm will come from this). Real leather is much like human skin: it is micro-porous and absorbent; and, it contains special lubricating oils. The down side of this is that your leather will, eventually, dry up and get dirty with time…literally clogged-up with a variety of oils, chemicals, and miscellaneous substances; add to this the significant influence of wind, rain, and sun! Eventually, these conditions and processes lead to two basic problems: 1) your leather’s appearance is compromised; it can become dull, faded, even sickly looking; and 2) the physical integrity of your leather can become weakened, damaged, even ruined. Consider the human skin comparison: our bodies, our skin, gets dirty and smelly if not cleaned and refreshed on a regular basis; the same is true for animal skins…especially once they are no longer connected to a living animal! When you first buy quality leather item it will contain an adequate amount of conditioning oils; but, with time and use these will diminish and, essentially, begin to dry up…a bit like those wonderful Egyptian mummies. Talk about dried-up skin! We call this the King Tut syndrome and it could happen to your good leather stuff.

By the way, ancient leather artifacts have been discovered by archaeologists; and, yes, they were in desperate need of restorative conditioning!

Back to the present and real life leather issues. Consider a few examples from everyday life: specialty items that get exposed to wind, dirt, and sweat…like your photography gear bag, motorcycle leathers; and, if you work in the United States Congress, your briefcase (minus the sweat). Some leather items can suffer abuse without ever venturing into the outside world; take, for example, that beautiful Italian sofa that has become the final resting place for spilled drinks, honey walnut shrimp, baby vomit, adult vomit, and a variety of other miscellaneous human biochemistry. We’ve seen similarly abused leather in Porches and Cadillacs…especially Cadillacs!

Our message is not that you should stop these conditions from happening, because to do that you would need to keep your fine leather possessions in a vault. People who own and appreciate nice leather things are, generally, the kind of people who live active, interesting lives…and the leather they own gets exposed to all of it! This is where we come in. We have leather care products that can take care of all of the challenges you face. Chamberlain’s Leather Milk provides your leather with everything it needs to handle your life!

Leather Milk Is Not A Dairy Product

In the leather care business, as in any business, you will find products all along the quality continuum, from very poor to very good. The truly ‘good’ leather care products in today’s marketplace may vary somewhat in the ingredients they use (e.g., conditioning or cleaning formulas) but, they will all keep to certain high standards that have been used and tested for generations. Chamberlain’s Leather Milk is part of this grand tradition; and, we’d like to think, at the head of the class!

What exactly is Leather Milk? You may also want to ask ‘what is the recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken?’ or ‘what is the date for the Second Coming of Christ?’ These are the kinds of questions that deal with highly classified materials, and, understandably, require very high security clearances…some, Very High. This much we can tell you: Chamberlain’s Leather Milk is the Brand name for a line of leather care products that include cleaners, conditioners, and protectants; all of which are made of entirely natural substances. For example, the best conditioners on the market today use a combination of plant and animal oils, usually in some type of water-based emulsion. There are numerous oils used: lanolin, banana oil, aloe, nut oil, whale oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and on and on! The point is, leather conditioners are designed to replace the oils the leather item has lost, and thus restore suppleness, vitality, and strength to the leather. This is not to say that all oils are of equal value for the treatment of your quality leather. If you have a piece of dried-out leather, just about any oil product will result in a softened, oiled condition; this doesn’t mean that the oil product is good for your leather! Some oils permeate the leather fibers and bond and revitalize, while others may damage the fibers, weaken the stitching, and transfer oils and dyes onto your clothing! Don’t use Quaker State 30W on your briefcase; and, Baby Oil is basically mineral oil (a petroleum product); and, Neatsfoot isn’t Neatsfoot anymore…who knows what’s in it?

So, don’t be overly impressed when someone claims that their product contains the ‘ultimate’ leather oil; or, they reference an arcane sounding recipe that is known only to a handful of the Initiated (like peacock oil, frog liver, and water from the Ganges). The real key for developing a great leather care recipe has to do, not only with the right choice of oils and conditioning agents; but, also about how to construct and balance these substances properly. Chamberlain’s Leather Milk possesses these good qualities! Our products have been tested on literally thousands of leather items, and in some cases modified to get even better results. The feedback we get, from inside and outside the industry, is consistently positive and enthusiastic.

Milking Your Leather For All Its Worth

Applying any of our products to your leather (what we affectionately refer to as ˜milking your leather’) is simple, safe, and aesthetically satisfying. It is simple in terms of method: just take any of our bottles, squeeze out a small dab onto a cloth, pad, or old gym sock; rub the product into the leather in a thorough and consistent manner; wipe off any excess residue¦then, step back and see and smell the difference! When you Milk your leather, your leather will feel good and so will you.

Chamberlain’s Leather Milk is a safe product to use; it won’t harm your skin, your pets, your plants, or your planet (whichever one that is); and, it especially will not harm your premium quality leather. Without getting too technical, this has to do with keeping the proper pH balance, not using solvents, plastics, or other harsh chemicals; and, of course, using the best natural ingredients. However, nothing (in the business world) is absolute; and, this truism applies to our safety claims. Certain circumstances, behaviors, etc., may nullify these claims, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • You have a dermatological or skin allergy condition that makes you ˜extra sensitive’; you probably should wear gloves.
  • Do not drink, inhale, or otherwise consume our products. Although Chamberlain’s Leather Milk is ˜natural’ and uses the word ˜milk’ as a descriptor, it really isn’t a food or beverage. If you are capable of this kind of behavior, we would also warn you to not insert any of our products into an electrical outlet.
  • Do not use our products on Suede-type finishes.
  • Leather that is very light in color, and porous, may darken when certain products are applied. Be sure to read the instructions on the bottle; and, it’s always a good idea to test the product on a small area first.
  • Always wash your hands after using our products, not because of some toxic chemicals hidden in them; but mainly because this is consistent with what your mother taught you. If you don’t, sometime later you will rub your dirty fingers into your eyes and this may result in a mild, but annoying, stinging sensation. This phenomenon occurs when you rub ANYTHING into your eyes¦except water.

Concluding Tutorial Comments

Chamberlain’s Leather Milk offers a variety of leather care products. The product we are best known for is our Leather Bag Liniment #1, a milky, water-based emulsion containing some remarkable leather enriching ingredients. This product contains oils that can be described as ˜lighter’ rather than ˜heavier’ oil types; and, because the product is water-based, it can also work as a mild cleaner. In practical terms what this means is that for leather items that benefit from being ˜refreshed’ frequently, without having to worry about overloading your leather with oils and conditioners¦No.1 is the perfect solution! For instance, leather coats, bags, auto interiors, and furniture¦these are the kinds of things that are exposed to public scrutiny and human touch on a regular basis. You can use Leather Bag Liniment #1 often, for a quick, effective, cleaning and revitalizing result.

Our leather cleaner, Straight Cleaner #2, is perfect for those times when you want to give your leather a more thorough treatment. This cleaner will penetrate into the leather fiber and help loosen CCS (collected clogging substances), providing a safe ˜wash’ for your leather. Apply Straight Cleaner #2 liberally, with cloth or pad, gently but firmly massaging into soiled areas; wipe off any residue with a clean cloth; repeat if needed. Straight Cleaner #2 is a non-alkaline, pH balanced formula that is safe and effective. Always follow cleaning process with an application of leather conditioning to ensure your leather’s suppleness and vitality¦Preferably our Leather Bag Liniment #1!

Chamberlain’s Leather Milk also offers the right product for your outdoors lifestyle! Do you hunt, fish, hike¦or, just plain work outdoors? Do you ride a motorcycle in Minnesota in inclement weather (yes, except in May¦)? If your work or lifestyle has you in water, mud, or snow then our Water Protectant #3 can help you with your leathers. This is a heavier, deeper oil treatment that will ward-off the elements and nourish your leather. It is the perfect product for facing the perils of global warming AND global cooling, whether singularly, or simultaneously.

Leather Liniment Cleaner & Conditioner – Chamberlain’s Leather Milk
Price: $18.00
Straight Leather Cleaner – Chamberlain’s Leather Milk
Price: $14.00
Water Protectant – Chamberlain’s Leather Milk
Price: $20.00

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