Proud to Promote American Made Hillside USA Motorcycle Leathers

Timing is everything. In life, in engines, and in love. The Biker’s Den has some great timing.

You guys might have noticed that it’s getting a little cooler on your rides, and maybe you’ve taken the bike out to look at some leaves and some panoramic vistas and felt that chill as the sun sets behind the mountain.

Maybe you noticed that after a few years of sun, sweat, and rain, your leather is a little “gamy”. You know, smells funny? Maybe even has a little scarring from a soft landing? Maybe you aren’t quite a size Large anymore? Or maybe you are ready to commit and get some real leathers, instead of wearing that old, ripped bomber jacket.

Timing, brother. The Biker’s Den has it.

Now, as the weather is turning cold, Biker’s Den is pleased to announce that we are now partnering up with Hillside USA Leather. This is the real deal – anything leather that you would wear on a bike, Hillside USA makes.

Hillside USA American Made Leather Motorcycle Gear

  • Vests for men and women – and I’m talking pages of styles and colors. From traditional to wild, black to yellow. Real thick, real supple American-made leather.
  • Jackets? Check.
  • Chaps? Check.
  • Women’s gear that looks as good as she does? Oh yeah.

You want to know how good Hillside USA’s gear is? It comes with a lifetime guarantee. If that is not putting your money where your mouth is, I don’t know what is. So as you saddle up to ride these last few weekends before the snow flies, check out the styles that Biker’s Den is hooking you up with through Hillside USA and know that the best you can get is all right here in the ‘Den.

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